Cigar-shaped UFO filmed over Pocatello, Idaho – 2013

UFO sightings – This daytime footage of a cylindrical object hovering in the sky above the county seat and largest city of Bannock County in the southeastern part of the US state of Idaho. Recorded earlier this year.

Witness report. Saw two floating cigar shaped UFOs. Quality isn’t very good but from what I saw they had small diamond looking tops with long cylindrical tail. This was in Pocatello, Idaho over some mountains near my home. The following day the craft were no longer there. The black craft itself was quite visible upon closer inspection.

This video was taken earlier in the year 2013 sometime in the spring or summer.

Author (Xenomorphism . @ youtube)

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  1. I saw one of these back in 2003, there were quite a few similar objects photographed at the time, one above a crop circle. The one I saw continually changed shape. Google "mona farrell" to see crop circle photo and links to other images.

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