UFO caught on tape over Bogota, Colombia 17-Nov-2013

Interesting daytime footage of an over Bogota, the capital and largest city of Colombia. This video was recorded on Sunday, 17th November 2013.

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  1. another video too prove these craft are interdimensional & not of our world first rate video one person videos it while the rest of city isnt overawed just getting on with there lives or in denial .glad there are some genuine ufo buffs interested in the ufo subject thanks for your proof .

    • Yes, it's amazing just how many people don't want to know about it. Once, I was in a park during day with 2 UFO's overhead. Pointed them out to several people who would not even look up!

    • well, people didn't care simply 'cos the matter of ufo is not affecting their everyday life, actually most of them have other priorities, which are sadly much more real..and if they want to have a break and relax, then they have other hobbies..not everybody has fun looking at lights r balloons or weird stuff in the sky…enjoy your passion for ufo though, regards

  2. It seems the Latin American countries are partial to balloon hoaxes, for the last few years it seems balloons have ballooned, lol

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