Triangle UFO over military base in Altus, Oklahoma – November 2013

UFO sightings – Interesting footage of a triangle-shaped craft hovering above Altus in Oklahoma. This was recorded in early November 2013.
Witness report: Coming up to the town of Altus, OK we noticed a large object sitting in the same place for at least 15 min. I got my phone out & caught this craft as we drove by it just south of the military base.

Author (Paladone101 @ youtube)

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  1. it is crazy to see certain things in the sky at night but now days it happens more often. is there an way to explain all the activity in the sky I live 90miles from a base and about 90 miles from Canada. there are so many unexplained traveling lights at night, it got to the point where I don't even look out at night because it is to hard to distinguish what is normal flight patterns and what

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