Interesting UFO activity over Jeffersonsville, Indiana 19-Nov-2013

Submitted by: UFODI
Sighting location: Jeffersonsville, Indiana, U.S
Date: 19/11/2013
Witness Statement: WATCH IN HD 1080P -11/19/2013 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Right after sunset around 7:00 p.m. These orange orbs were amazing, they were not flickering or flashing. Like I point out my cell camera at night has a hard time focusing, and most lit objects seem to do flash. But the orange orbs were steadily lit. I could see that these were not Chinese lanterns, they moved to fast. It wasn’t windy at all, and I watched a couple of them completely turn away from others and fly to the right. Lanterns do not do this, and minutes after filming I watched a huge Blackhawk type helicopter, flying very low to the ground coming from the south. It was lower and faster than I have ever seen them flying. But the helo was seen flying straight towards the area where all of orbs originated from. I hope the truth will be revealed about these orange orbs, they are the most common and frequent UFO reports made. This was the second time seeing these. First time I only had seen one, this time there were about ten. They were amazing and remarkably beautiful

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  1. at 3:50, you are seeing planet Venus. it's not a star, and yes it can be seen at twilight. really, i thought the majority of people were educated in astronomy, considering we can see planets from earth. must be the school's problems, or lack of interest in basic knowledge of where we as humans are in this universe. as for those orbs of orange lights; are you sure they are not the lights

  2. UFODI, what makes you think these are not Chinese Lanterns? They behave exactly like them, all come from the same direction, going in the same direction, presumably the wind direction, and they all burn out. Look like Chinese Lanterns to me.

  3. The wind at altitude can be much different than ground level. Just because it's not windy at ground level doesn't mean that at a certain altitude it's not windy either.

  4. While the number of people world wide witnessing and recording <br />&quot;UFO&#39;s&quot; is ever increasing &amp; with sites such as this, in which the phenomena is given serious consideration,as opposed to a site which will put up for the viewer, video recordings which are suspect at best, and in so doing, are actually further fueling the &quot;dis-information and smokescreen campaign agenda&

  5. the day sighting acceptable night ones questionable ? but could be of unknown origin sir . im not into chinese lanterns type suggestions although the can resemble ufos ,

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