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Your UFO reports: 26th October –  2nd November 2013
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Fullerton, CA – 10/29/13 9:05pm
North, north east of the 91 freeway I was sitting outside with my boyfriend and we noticed a fireball high in the sky for about 30 seconds. it was moving toward us and faded out like it was getting higher into the sky. Bad photo but I was trying to zoom in as much as possible

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Anchorage, Alaska – October 28, 2013

My 17 year old and I were driving from the Spenard Rec Center and at 9:10 PM when we approached the traffic light on spenard road to turn left a soft, white, round ball fell through the clouds and went straight down like a shooting star. It was NOT a star though. I had a hard time finding a place to say this but I am a GOD FEARING individual whom does not believe in this stuff. I am reporting this because it made me yell, “what the holy is that?” So loud it scared my kid and she saw where I was looking in the sky and she saw it too right before it disappeared. What is it? No trail, just white in the circle and soft white around it. Way too big for star, not comet cause it was like it fell in the middle of town. Did not see if or where it landed. Are we crazy? If someone on Anchorage could help me I would love to talk to someone about this because I cannot get this out of my mind.

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Inland Empire, Ca – 10/28/2013 7:15pm

We were at store and noticed large circular light moving irratically side to side up and down blinking in n out then change shape to a long flat light pulsating disappeared again then got brighter and dropped altitude and shot upward stopped and zipped. Then 20 minutes later while drivimg along the 215 freeway south near 5th street exit it was super bright being followed by an actual earthly jet.

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Baltimore, MD – 7PM to 11PM EST 2013-10-27

I live in a 5th floor apartment in downtown baltimore. My wall facing the north is a huge window that stretches in parts from the living room, dining room to the bedroom. I have a clear view of the John Hopkins Hospital, The Inner Harbor, Downtown and also North East Baltimore City. This was a massive sighting. All the lights were off inmy house and at first I noticed 3 blinking white lights overhead. From there I witnessed many objects coming in from the west. They would suddenly appear over the Big downtown Baltimore Cemetery that is adgacent to GreenMount Aveneue between Preston Street and North Ave. They started to come in a processsion, a parade. Most were moving at the same altitude but there were others that were lower and others which were higher. I have a pair of binoculars and focused in on both ones near and far. The shapes of the crafts were very hard to determine but the way the lights pulsated and blinked in a pattern was quite different than anything I ever saw before. I have never witnessed hardly any aircraft flying in the area. I mean this is Downtown Baltimore and like most major cities, I am positive this is a NO FLY ZONE. I called two friends over and they were astounded. I tried to film it with my digital camera and even though I focused the camera directly on many ships, the ship and the lights would not show up. I tried numerous times. I attempted to take pictures with my cell phone and also with my digital camera. What I was seeing with the naked eye, was not appearing on any of my electronic devices. After about an hour or an hour and a half, the sky quieted down some. In the inital procession, I think it is fair to say there were at least 30 ships that moved by. Another thing I noticed when looking through the binoculars, they were not moving like a plane or helicopter does. They sort of thrusted and jolted every few seconds like with bursts if energy they appeared to be gliding in small bursts. I also noted a few that moved in absolutely strange and unfamiliar patterns like a pryamid. I continued to watch out the window and more came. So many flew into, over, around and then away from downtown baltimore, I soon lost count. it had to be over 100. There were no sounds. However when a helicopted was flying in the same distance, you could hear it. Also when they would fly over the joh Hopkins complex they would begin to glow very white and very bright and the green and red lights would disappear. They also looked like this over the inner harbor but it is a little distance from my building so I am not sure if I was able to really get an accurate description from that far. I am certain of what I saw and I am saddened I could not get any type of video or picture of it. But I did have two witnesses. And a third one if you include my friends dog who climbed up in the window and you could tell he too also sensed something there. I hope other people in Maryland saw this and come forward. I will continue watching this evening. It is now 10:45Pm. I just looked out he window the west and there is an ENORMOUS ONE approaching. I will return tomorrow and add a new report if needed and continue to watch the skies tonight and tomorrow and after wards too.

Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico – 18 de octubre 2013 4:43 PM
very bright disc beside a strange cloud of colors

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Spanish Fort, Alabama – October 5, 2013 9.10pm

An armada of bright white Orb UFO’s pass in an intelligent manner over a Spanish fort. Studying the footage the witness states: Taken in the parking lot of the Lowe’s in Daphne, AL at about 9:10pm on October 5, 2013. Movement was from the east to the northeast.

Youtube video link:

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Fountain Valley Ca. – between 8:00 and 10:00 at night
I’ve seen the three orbs 5 different nights since May 20th till last night the third of Nov. 2013. Last night like always from the horizon they just float up in unison in a triangle, they came up 3 different times so I’ve got several pics of these red lights zoomed in like a large red ball and vidios on my phone like the one that couple got on the 19th of May over Katella St. how do I get them to you to share?

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Orange County, California – 23/09/2013
A mysterious glowing Orb moves through the sky intelligently and clearly moves at directions it wishes, the object was spotted by someone who who caught it passing overhead so he grabbed his phone and recorded the glowing Orb.
Witness Statement: Light in the sky. Don’t know what it is. Flying low and slow hovering and then fly’s away.

Youtube video link:

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Albenga, Italy – August 8, 2012

On August 8, 2012, a UFO was observed near Albenga (Italy). A person saw a strange bright object and made a video. Intrigued by the finding, they informed about the video the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M) whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting video on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. On official CUFOM youtube channel “CUFOMCHANNEL”, it’s possible to find the video about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
Dr. Angelo Carannante
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Spain – July 2011
Very rare video from Spain of 2 huge Cigar UFO’s and a flying saucer over a farm near the Portugal Border.
This video has been fully analysed and classed as authentic.

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British Columbia, Canada – at night about 11pm aug. 2010
8 of us were looking up at the night sky and a single star will call it as moving left to right and then left and the it split into 2 and then
one went right the other left and moving at high rate of speed and gone all this happened in less than 5 minutes

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