VIDEO: Spinning UFO filmed over Miami, Florida 10-Dec-2013

Another interesting UFO video filmed over Miami in Florida. This was taken on Tuesday, 10th December 2013 at 4:23 pm.

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    • How is this great footage? Could you make out what it was? I certainly couldn't, it could have been anything in my opinion, I saw absolutely nothing interesting in it. Sorry.

  1. Iv just seen the same thing flying over Sunbury, England. It was a lot brighter in the night sky. didn't have time to capture any footage or photos. it wasn't in a rush it just hovered across the night sky.

  2. There has been so many sightings now all over the world recorded and yet no sightings or film of any landings or open communictions by whatever method…between *these so called alien beings* and us except thru chanelled sources…..and we are told that the big reveal is waiting for the USA Govt to come clean about their communications with these beings??? Really?????

    Its certainly not secret knowledge that Govts blatantly lie about a lot of things they do and say and are not trusted by many to be there for the general public they are supposedly representing…and history also tells us the US are the experts in pretense camoflage and disguise and pouring loads and loads of money into the pockets of those who can carry out these pretences the best..celebrating their skills and calling them *Stars*

    Yet the “real”? stars that keep showing up in our skies being videoed and photographed over and over again etc have to be hushed up by Govts and our “Galactic” friends until the US Govt says yes its all true and give us permission to believe they are real ???? Duuuhhh

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