Notable NASA Astronauts Who Possibly Spotted UFOs

Gordon Cooper

As one of the 7 astronauts of NASA, Cooper piloted the final space mission of Project Mercury in 1963.

He claimed to have spotted UFOs at high altitude in formation when he was flying with the U.S. Air Force in Germany in 1951. He said in an interview in 1996 with Yolanda Gaskins on Paranormal Borderline that the UFOs were higher and travelled faster than terrestrial aircraft at that time.

He filed a report about his sighting and got an answer months later in which he described as illogical. It was stated in the response that the UFOs he spotted were most likely high-flying seed pods.

In 1957, he was with his military crew when they recorded footage of a saucer-shaped UFO that landed on a dry lake bed with three landing legs. It suddenly took off as they tried to approach it. They sent the film to their superiors but never got an update about it.

Cooper also said that his commercial pilot friends told him that they have seen unidentified flying objects.

Edgar Mitchell

Mitchell is the sixth person to walk on the moon in 1971 when he flew in Apollo 14. He said in an interview with WPTV that aliens have been watching mankind and the government has been aware about it. He added they have seen UFOs all the time.

Buzz Aldrin

When Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was interviewed in 2005 in Science Channel, he somewhat hinted that he saw a UFO that followed Apollo 11 on moon mission in 1969, which may contained extra-terrestrials. Aldrin recalled his experience and conversation with mission control wherein Mike Collins decided to see what it was in the telescope. He saw an L-shaped UFO but he could not tell more about it. They thought that something was moving alongside with them but they don’t have idea what it was.

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  1. I believe cooper and Mitchell, cooper could not have saw a baloon fly over and have landing legs coming from it yards away! Mitchell knows about the greys and buz goes on about monaliths on Mrs moon, there is a lot here, but Buz is a Government puppy

  2. They do not like you.Do not gt involved in UFO research unless you count the cost.Most who do end up on the wrong end of fate.Earth is not the only place for "NAZI" activity.

  3. You're saying there's Nazis on the moon? Didn't they make a movie about that? Maybe that was just a way to warn the public.

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