Strange unidentified flying objects caught on tape over Encinitas in California 11-Dec-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of a bright stationary objects hovering in the sky above Encinitas in California. This one was filmed on 11th December 2013.

Witness report: My wife and I noticed this last night, December 11th 2013 over Encinitas CA. it was around 8pm as we were walking to dinner. We first noticed the object because we were trying to find stars to look at. My first instinct was this is a normal commercial jetliner. After about ten seconds that quickly changed and I grabbed my camera phone. The object was entirely stationary for at least twenty minutes. We stood there for about ten looking at it and spent another ten walking to dinner. The object was still in the sky before we walked into the restaurant, although I cant confirm if it moved or not since my field of view changed so much from walking. The object appeared circular and had three roaring lights that were moving rather quickly. The lights were magenta and a light green and occasionally transitioned into adding a yellow light into the rotating motion. The even crazier part was about 10 degrees away was a solid dark black circular object. I first brushed this off as a weather balloon or hot air balloon but it was pitch black out and didnt over at all. Furthermore the apparent distant between the two objects didnt seem to change either. Unfortunately I couldnt get the black object on video. My wife was very scared and contemplative directly after. She wanted to get out of the area immediately. I was reassuring here that there is a logic answer to what we saw. But Im not sure if there is at this point. Ive never seen anything close to what we saw. 

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Since the 1970s UFO sighting have escalated 10 fold. Who, or what is visiting planet earth?<br />Apparently, there are few 3D races who have learned to use craft to traverse long distances. However, many denser realms of consciousness have developed craft capable of using natural energy waves to travel upon. <br />Most, so called “UFOs” seen within the earth planes are those created by the

    • do u mind to tell us where u ve got those informations from ? otherwise people here could think u just advertising for free your new fiction book..which is actually what u doing bout your website..

    • Great ! thanks sooo much ! finally the ufo phenomenon has been explained ! We all feel better now, thanks really, you are a great researcher and a reliable scientist !

  2. wow! it looks like a colourful spinning pinwheel or a pretty xmas decoration in the sky! how did you see a solid black object in a pitch black sky, like you stated? just curious.

  3. Saw one over Newport Beach in a shape of a black triangle and felt really weird and disoriented at the time It passed over abour 300 feet about me. I looked it up and UK dep of defense says that style ufo usually dazes their audience.. so I believe this was something.. just not sure what

  4. This (seems) t o be a Great sighting. But, there are kites, that give this rotating motion. If you place miniature cylume Glowing tubes onto kite. It would give this type of effect.

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