Daytime UFO over Los Angeles, California 3-Nov-2013

triangle and orbSubmitted by: Jonathan
Sighting location: East Los Angeles (front of my house)
Date: 11/3/2013 ~3pm
Report: Hello, I video taped an “Ebani – UFO” which had strange movements and then broke in half releasing an ORB at the 10:54 time mark. At the 53 second mark you can also see an ORB passing behind it from left to right in a decent speed. I currently have it on my youtube channel and would like to know if you would like to feature it on your channel so others can see the variety of life forms which exists in and around our plane.

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  1. wow this is really strange! they look so much like balloons. but they are not moving from that one spot. even when the other "pieces" come off, those things basically are all together. what the hell is this???

    • its a booger get a life and stop filling peoples heads with this nonsense its all your imagination people are so stupid they will believe anything and then there are people making money off the stupid people LOL!!!

  2. Looks man made like perhaps a bunch of balloons attached to create the V and ? shape. Then it broke apart. I think it's just helium filled inflatable object[s].

    • its a booger get a life and stop filling peoples heads with this nonsense its all your imagination people are so stupid they will believe anything and then there are people making money off the stupid people LOL!!!

    • I would say it was an alien craft or some type of life form if I saw evidence of that. There's nothing broken here, whoever you are, try reading my name again. These are a string of pink balloons that got away or were released from a party or event, you can even see the other green balloon go by too. LOL, how can anyone see this and think it were alien.

  3. I have filmed the same wormlike &quot;Sky Serpent&quot; / &quot;EBANI&quot; object in the Bratislava City, Slovakia, Central Europe 11. 06. 2013, see Youtube link:<br />Between 0:53 – 1:11 min of the video there can be seen also small dark objects circling around / appearing / disappearing in the proximity to the object. In the 1:33 min of the video

  4. I love this video, and no not pink Balloons if you look just before it breaks apart it seem to turn red and blink , I have been watching ufo video&#39;s for a long time and have seen other like this , Great video that you for sharing

  5. I love this Video , And NO not pink Balloons , If you watch the video just before it breaks apart it seems to turn red and blink , and then the orb drops , I have been watching UFO video&#39;s for a long time and have seem similar videos like this , Thank you for sharing <br />

  6. Firstly I would like to say I am a believer that we are not alone. It is however Interesting that a green balloon &quot;just happens&quot; to be floating by at the same time. With how far up that &quot;object&quot; is it could easily look like it is just hovering in one spot when it is actually moving up. To me it looks like some balloons were released from a fair or something similar. Even the

  7. A strand of car dealership ballloons that got away. The dealerships use very large, brightly colored ones on a tether that is often 100-200 feet in length that rise prety high to draw attention to the lot. And if you listen carefully you hear why this strand is not moving….no wind to push them along. So they flutter slowly along.

  8. Looks like an outdoor wedding arch of balloons that got away or were released. I was at a wedding last summer when the groomsmen released an arch and other balloons. they went very high and looked &#39;alien&#39; if you didn&#39;t know what they were. Very good vid nontheless.

  9. it doesn&#39;t seem like this is an alien spaceship, though. It&#39;s hard to imagine what would do this in the sky. I have no idea what this is – it is definitely weird, though.

  10. This doesn&#39;t seem like a space craft of any kind. I can&#39;t imagine what it could be, but it&#39;s definitely weird!

  11. i thought the orb severed it ? it looks like a living organism worm type sky creature seen similar on you tube could be some experiment by these e.t.s too advanced for our earthly minds .

  12. an &quot;arch&quot; of balloons. the green one likely incidental or one that had a small weight attached. the fast moving dot behind it…satellite, drone, military aircraft, ?

  13. If it is balloons why does the small green balloon pass moving in the wind from right to left but the so called arch of balloons stays fixed in the sky? why when the object splits into 2 do they move in different directions? i dont think the objects are balloons at all! if it was extraterrestrial why would it look like a strange pink worm? what could it possibly be doing? we will never know!

  14. Pink balloons attached to a bent wire or something, probably from a party because you see the other green balloon going by too.

  15. I&#39;ve seen more interesting kites in the air at Cannon Beach Ore. in the summer. This is some Slackers idea of making himself useful.

  16. this/these objects are of tremendous scale and proportion.. please try harder people.. just because some kid let their green birthday balloon fly into the middle of a video,… your all talking about balloons!!?… try paying attention to the focal distances and zoom of the camera.. very large objects.. very far away.. very… very interesting.

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