Amazing UFO activity over San Diego, California 30-Dec-2013

triangle ufoUFO sightings – These three videos of a strange lights in triangle formation were recorded by a separate witnesses. This happened in San Diego, California on Monday, 30th December 2013.


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  1. These orbs in a triangular shape, appear all over the world. Often there is another orb/light, further away. I don&#39;t know of any agency/military group /coordinating groups who can supply enough planes to cover all such triangular sightings around the world. That means the triangles are not of this earth, so who keeps ticking the &#39;not alien&#39; box and just exactly what do they think

  2. I saw something like this over my house 2 years ago. orange lights coming together and moving apart. They way they maneuvered, no planes could do that. For this same formation of lights to be seen around the world is more than a hoax or military explanation for it. It is what it is.

  3. they are our basic ufo crafts seen daily worldwide good video . more evidence not alone in our planet system they must be part of our world or a parallel universe pop in &amp; out of our skies . we.ll never get to the truth from our governments super advanced races .

  4. I live in SD and have seen the same lights above Coronado during the day like a year or two back! I am glad that other people got to see what I saw because not many believe me when I tell them that story. its incredible. I wonder what they are doing?

  5. The second video are skydivers using pyrotechnics. The first and third video&#39;s could be anything, it&#39;s just 3 lights, any 3 lights will form a triangle unless they are in a straight line. The third video could have been Chinese lanterns as one looked like it was about to go out. This is not enough for me to say they&#39;re alien, not by a long shot. I believe we are being visited, but I&#

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