*MUST SEE* Defense Minister of Canada: Aliens are here to help!

He was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War — and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Today we ask the man who says UFOs are a serious business — Paul Hellyer.

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  1. Finally, someone in the government actually admits they are here to help. Mark this day in history… it is the start of a whole new perception within government.

  2. This person recites every tales of the believers' corpus, with no sorting of its stupidities: aliens on Venus, on Mars, on stars … a federation, but with different agendas … between 2 and 12 species of aliens (how does he know ?) … Actually, he is doing more harm to his cause than benefit.

  3. Stating that Kevlar or LEDs were elaborated with the help of alien technology is only the result of having no scientific background: this person tells about what he doesnt know. This is a pure nonsense.

  4. This guy is definitly a nutcase …..sheeesh.It's ppl like him that makes SERIOUS investigation of the UFO phenomen so difficult!

  5. power to Paul Hellyer but i heard there were 57 variety of alien species from a video i watched last year on you tube . people would be terrified if the alien subject was open knowledge from our governments fear of what the outcome would be if they ever did make a mass landing on earth .interesting video .

  6. They are here alright, but not here to help us. Of course, they will say they are benevolent, like any good predator would, and the sheep will run to the slaughter.<br /><br />These ETs see us the way we see, say, squirrels. Do we REALLY care what happens to the squirrels in the trees when we are building a new shopping center?<br /><br />&quot;Advanced&quot; doesn&#39;t necessarily mean &quot;

  7. I think he&#39;s the wisest man on earth!! To speak as if earth was our child and we have to take care of it! Plus this we really need to consider, as if we are not on a clock and on a schedule. We are ticking as we make choices. Our very reality depends on finding out are choice do take and affect.

  8. 12 species is not even close. Scores have visited us and they do walk among us. They are sticking their nose in our business as we speak. They will topple governments and they wont know what is happening. Drastic changes for us and they are not happy with our leaders. Altered forms walk among us. They look just like us. He is wrong because they do not care for our leaders. Moves will be made more

  9. He wonders why scientists do not contribute more to ufos studies: they probably do not want to be confused with this mixture of non-sense and reality. He seems to be a nice person, but the amazing thing is that he could be minister of defence !

  10. Happy to see that someone with a political background steps up and speaks the truth. Something that might have folks in the United States fainting…..an honest politician!

  11. Everything Paul has said is absolutely correct. It is verifiable against information that has been released by whistle blowers within Area51, and matches identically to the information I have personally researched and came into contact with over the past 10 years. Funny how all you &quot;debunkers&quot; seem to know very little yet are the ones to criticise the most. Besides the information he

  12. This is a fantastic interview, its a shame the UK doesn&#39;t air much on UFO. Thank the stars for SKY Discovery Channel &#39;Ancient Aliens&#39;. I wish the government&#39;s all around the world would step up and tell the world the truth. Give this planet&#39;s people a REALITY Check maybe by<br />doing so, yeah there would be mayhem for a few years but seriously it<br />may sort out the HUMAN

    • We humans are at war with each other all around the world! Maybe we should be working together as a unit! Look at the state of our planet and the way a lot of people behaviour towards each other and abuse the planet! Why is there poverty children starving! My family pay alot a month for Africa children extra! Does it truly ho there? So yeah the human race needs to be in order to enable us to

  13. The universe or the cosmos is so big that humans are just one species that was created by an advance civilization to serve their purpose. Humans is the product of a biological engineering of an advance alien civilization to extract minerals from this rocky planet to take it back from the planet where they are from. Just like what humans are planning to do on asteroids, meteors and moons in the

  14. When do you think the Government&#39;s will reveal UFO&#39;s are here when the UFO&#39;s decided they want all the human race to know? Its so frustrating! Ancient Aliens, Alien Files are airing on the UK History channel all the time now. Wouldn&#39;t the Government stop such programs if they didn&#39;t secretly want us to know?

    • If Government Just Forced The Media To Stop Airing Anything To Do With Aliens They Would Basically Be Admitting To Their Existence. Not To Mention That The Government Has Knowledge Of Them. The Policy Of Making Anyone Or Any Organization Involved In Proving The Existence Of Aliens Look Like Fools Or Liars Has Worked Well For Them For A Very Long Time, I Seriously Doubt That Their Tactics Will

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