Full HD Sports Camera Captures UFO During Motocross Event In Brazil


A UFO was captured by a sports camera in broad daylight. The incident was published to YouTube on 24th of February 2014. The camera has an ultra-wide-angle lens and it was positioned in one place during a motocross event in Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The video shows a mysterious aerial object that seems to make a unique maneuver, which can’t be done in any conventional aircraft.

Bauru is known as the initial training ground of famous soccer player Pele and hometown of Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) astronaut Marcos Cesar Pontes, who became as the first Brazilian in space.

Based on the images from the GoPro HD Hero2 camera, it seems that the spectators and participants were unaware about the incident happening overhead.

According to video producer Mariva Brito, they were surprised to notice a UFO in unusual flight pattern. They tried to examine it further but still they can’t identify the object. They are planning to consult with video experts in a quest to know if the object is terrestrial or not. Brito promises to give update of the video after they can get new information about it.

Until no one reliable enough comes forward to confirm the identity of the object, it is considered as unidentified flying object. One commenter in the video says that the object is probably a bird as it seems that the wings are flapping and the white blob is the result of the distance between the camera and the object.

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  1. It may be an RC vehicle of some type, but I saw puffs of exhaust coming out the back of it, suggesting it may have been a gas powered vehicle. It never strays too far away and just flies in circles. Either that or it was a UFO, lol

  2. In My opinion, this is a remote controlled craft. The three individuals, on top of the hill. Are not even aware of it. Or Have seen this object before. As they probally frequent this track often.

  3. wish good postings of close up ufos get forwarded to this ufo sight this ones a pin like dot hovering around the days sky either a drone or a remote controlled kids toy ?

  4. do you not think its strange there is only two small clouds above the bikers with the small white light and they are exactly ideniicle ?

  5. If you check the UFO it gets closer and moves at such a high rate of speed. It seems to be checkin out the people and signaling another or something. Check out 1:00 on the time, left to right that thing shows its technology. Can’t tell the dip at the end does it go to the same spot??

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