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Your UFO reports: 15th February – 22nd February 2014
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East Los Angeles, California – 02-23-14
Hello, The following video shows a Shape-Shifting Morphing ORB which I filmed and captured today 02-23-14 in front of my house in East Los Angeles, California. I would like to share this with everyone as it is an important variable entity which we / others have encountered previously but without the evidence to show. You will see many color changes and shapeshifting throughout the video. Futher information is located in the description area of this video.
Youtube video link:

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woy woy central coast of nsw Australia – 10 pm on 23 of feb 2014
My wife said to me arent plane lights supposed to flash I said yeah then looked up to see a egg shaped object in sky that changed from a bright yellow to red green and blue it was moving slow then would erradically change direction then light went out then reapeared a few klms away I got video after running in to get my phone was not on night mode so a bit dodgy and I had a smoke in my mouth so I was grunting a bit from smoke also didnt have anti shake on was very weird never seen anything like it type in youtube (ufo ettalong beach) to view video

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Spokane Indian Reservation (Peters Rd) – Feb. 21, 2014 at 9:00
Spotted a bright light changed colors and going in a circular motion. The light was making a beeping sound as it moved across the sky. I have a video but I can not upload it at the moment. I can send it through email if someone contacts me!

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Wye, near Ashford Kent – 21st february between 21:30/22;30
Hi me and my friend was driving back from ashford to wye i was the passenger my friend was driving we was on country roads in the open at this point when a bright green glow appeared in the sky at first i thought it was a copper comet but this was moving at a slow pace we then stopped the car turned of the engine and put windows down thinking it could be a helicopter but the sound was the sound of a jet engine but a bit more high pitched 4 red light then appeared at the green glow got dimmer this then traveled slowly away from us going behind the car it picked up speed then suddenly stopped the green light wasn’t there just 4 red lights then a a bright yellow orange light it then moved left and right as if it was circling something a bright beam of light then shone down from it it was then we thought it would be best to drive to Wye as we were driving off i looked behind and it was moving lift and right very fast faster then Ive seen any helicopter Ive ever seen Ive been trying to work out what this might be as the sound of this was like nothing Ive herd before this could be military of anything i would like to know if anybody has any answers of see this to it was a incredible sight unfortunately my phone was dead and my friend didn’t have his on him so we couldn’t get no footage

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Pembroke Pines, FL – 2/21/14 9:20pm
I came out of my house and saw a red light in the sky, I waited for it to fly thinking it was a meteoroid, but them more came! They lined up horizontally and kept coming down from the sky in a vertical line. They stood still for a few minutes and then started disappearing North. I got one picture, wish I’d have taken more, but I was frozen in shock. I was in disbelief and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I called my neighbor to come out and they saw them too! And right after the area was swamped with airplanes, probably the government.

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Leon Guanajuato Mexico – 18-02-2014 – 07:41pm
In the video you can see a UFO flashing constantly, there comes a time when it seems to stop flashing.
This UFO was only visible in infrared mode

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Saw very similar object tonight Feb 17 in West Pheonex AZ
Flew low as a helicopter bright orange prb with a starburst around abject seemed to climb significantly hold its position then dimmed and dissapeared
Saw the exact same object as reported Feb 15 in California tonight in Phoenix at around 650 PM Flew in from west appeard to be flying about as low as a helipcopter may 1000 maybe 1500 feet about same speed as ahelipcopter
It was bright orange wih a starburst affect surround it maneuvered climbed and then held a position them dimmed then disappeared alltogther.

It was not a plane it was not a helicopter if it was a balloon it was lighted or flames and I’ve nver seen a balloom fly in a straight line i put its speed at maybe 100 to 150 MPH possibly.

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H-3 going to Kailua oahu Hawaii – Feb 17 2014 1:30
I was riding down the h-3 and decided to take a picture of the view and all of a sudden when I took it something flew right by so fast . And then my phone camera snapped it. I looked at my picture and and you can see it looks something like a UFO of what not can’t be a plane. Because there was no plane or helicopter in the area at the time I sighted it. I really would love a response and tell me what you all think .

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Warwick, Rhode Island, over Morris farm Warwick Ave – 2/17/14. 6:20pm
Im seeking other witnesses because i saw other cars and two people walking. It was very low and very much visable, i came to a stop because i noticed it wasnt moving, just hovering quietly, it was so shiney like fresh crome and was triangualr with a smooth dark curved top, it had white lights so bright i cant even properly descibe it, they seemed to only shine off the craft because nothing around it was illuminated, althought the glow coming off itself seemed to pulsate, the green lights did the same and then there was a few red lights. It was so close i stared at i went to turn around and only took my eye off it for one second to u turn and it was gone, no trace nothing but big dark sky

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Campbell, CA – 2/17/2014
I got to see what looked like 5 UFO’s. They were solid red lights staggered apart in line. The first two joined into one, then 3 faded away as a fifth appeared until it too disappeared. Could not be flairs, planes jets etc.
From Campbell CA towards North San Jose. Rather interesting.
Tried to get a picture with my new cell phone but was unable to resulting in a black picture.

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Asuncion, Paraguay – 16/02/2014
were in a field day , enjoying nature offers us the Saltos del Monday in the Dept of Alto Parana, Paraguay .
was about 13:00 when I watched carefully rappel device in which they would raise me . that, very small but very bright a flash . like a flash of a camera. ask my wife my camcorder (sony XR150 ) and try to grasp the object that followed randomly flashing .. did not respond to a pattern (time) but I do it because it was priced too high ( 25x optical zoom and 300x digital) and hand- holding the camera, with the focus on automatic, really cost me . so before losing sight completely , look for a break in the trees to use as manual focus and get better results ..

The UFO was captured and analyze the video with Sony Vegas , I could see other objects also called me much attention ..

watch it and enjoy. I just uploaded to my Youtube account .

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Los Angeles (Watts), Ca – 2/16/2014 7:40 & 10:20
I am writting in favor of my younger brother cesar14 and my boyfriend raul20 they were both in different location but in the area of watts, south los angeles
My brother was oustide skating with his cousins when they spotted the ufos up in the sky. They said that the ufos were like in a line formation and one of the ufos lwft the seen and minutes after the others followed my brother says that they knew they were not airplanes because no airplane would stay in one place and the zoom off that quickly that was around 7:40 last nite. My boyfriend Raul calls me at 10:20 telling me the exact same thing that he seen a line formation and and same movements as my brother told me and they both said that they had orange lights I’m not quite sure if my boyfriend filmed it but if he did I will for sure post but it seems very strange since now the state is in a drought and more reporting of ufos being seeing more this the end??..

Cesar & Raul
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Redlands near Homestead, FL – 2/13/2014 @4am
Was activities for about 3 hours there were lots of light moving in all direction and getting bigger and smaller and also changing shape.this video the light came from as far up as u can see and well split to 5 or 6 different lights.

Video link:

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Antwerp, Belgium – February 5th 2014

The fake plane phenomena is still not accepted by a large part inside the UFO community.
I hope this video will start to bring some changes to that.
This video shows a bright orange plasma orb that remains the same size and remains stationary for over 7 minutes, then it starts to morph itself into a “fake plane”. This is 100% clear footage and shows the morphing with great detail.
UFO Fake Plane – DISCLOSURE !!!

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East Los Angeles, California – September 2013
Good Evening, Below is the direct link to my video which I filmed in front of my house in East Los Angeles, California back in September 2013. This video shows an amazing capture on how Orbs / UFO’S move about and communicate with each other while in our current environment (dimension). In the video you will notice how they remain stationary, shine bright and move around crossing each others path. I am positive there are so many people out there that have seen these types of Orbs / UFO’S display but have not had the opportunity to film and capture it to show and share with others. I would like to share this with everyone in the world as I am certain thousands of people out there have witnessed something similar if not the same.

Further information is located in the description section of the video. Thank you.

Direct Link …

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Leon Guanajuato Mexico – 12-02-2014 – 08:28pm
Anomalies in the sky.

In the video you can see:
-Flashes of light.
-At 1:58 minutes played, the UFO flying slow.

In my recording, the flashes were not visible to the human eye, with vision infrared were detected.
No official explanation of the origin of the flashes.
These flashes also were captured in Chile and Canada.
Surely there will be more reports of these flashes in other parts of the world.

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Fort Myers, FL – continuing
The strangeness might have started earlier in my life but it started to gain momentum in around 2009 and continued until the present.
I was born on December 5,1962 in New Brunswick, NJ. I had moved to Fort Myers, FL in 1999 and lived with my daughter(b.1993). Forward to 2009. I was working at a supermarket right across the street from my condo. Many times, I had to get to work before the sun rose. On about 3 or 4 occasions, I witnessed strange lights in the sky. I say strange because they would do things like disappear or just hang there.
While at work, I noticed that a few times, the store would be filled with what only could be described as a huge amount of tough guys. Sort of like mobsters. They also seemed to be looking at me. But when they would see me looking at them they would avert their eyes. Some of these people were couples and families but other than that none of them acted like they knew each other.
One of these times, I was going through the door to go home for lunch. A twenty something year old hispanic guy looked at me and said to his mother, ” He’s just a kid.” Now, I was not a kid and didn’t look like one. I was 47 years old.
At my condo, I was experiencing things that were crazy. When we (my daughter and myself)would leave for any amount of time, from hours to days, things would be moved around, missing, appliances unplugged or now plugged in…. I also noticed the screws on my air vents were no longer screwed all of the way down. It looked to me as if I came home too early and whomever was doing something to my condo, had to leave or get caught. At this same time, I started to hear voices coming from outside and from the condo directly over mine. They would threaten me with violence, say I was a terrible father, and just about anything to make me mad or hurt me. When I would go outside to confront these voices, no one would be there. As far as the voices from upstairs, I would scream back at them but I was afraid to do anything about it because I had no proof and I wasn’t sure I wasn’t imagining it.
I consider myself a tough guy but I was truly afaid of these voices. I really believed that these guys would break in and kill us at any moment. Because of this, I started to stay at my mother’s apartment in Estero, FL (a half hour away). To my dismay, a whole new set of voices started to come from her attic and outside of her place. Let me explain something here. My mother’s place is 3 condos that are all connected. Above them all is an attic that can be accessed by anyone that lives in the building. For example, I could go up there and access the other condos by just going through these attic doors that are in every one of them. So my decision to go there and get some peace and quiet did not work. I soon became terrified that they would get in here and kill us.
One time I looked in my mom’s backyard and I saw an alien that was disguised as a plant. I was in a bad mood so I just gave him the finger. I wish I would have gone outside or taken a picture but it never even occurred to me.
I decided to try and record all of these things on my cell phone’s audio and video files. The first bizarre thing I recorded at my mom’s was the same TV show could be heard in the background no matter what time I recorded or what channel my mom had on. The first video evidence I got was the appearance of a large man in her home when one shouldn’t have been there. I couldn’t make out his face or anything else. It was as if he was painted in shadow.
At my condo, I placed the cell phone near my air vents when I could hear the voices giving me shit. What came out wasn’t voices but this very faint heavy metal music that never started or ended. I tried to do the same type of recording at my mom’s and I got the same exact music.
At my mom’s, everytime I went to sleep, this heavy flashlight or some other heavy object would crash to the floor to wake me up.
Something that happened that was weird but I don’t know if it was paranormal was I was watching TV when I heard all of these landscapers with leaf blowers surround my mom’s house. It must have been 10 guys just revving their leaf blowers. I finally had enough so I grabbed one of my father’s canes and walked outside. They all dispersed. Then 5 minutes later, a lone landscaper came by her place and sat there on a riding mower revving his engine. He was texting and not looking at me so I thought that he would leave in a second. 5 then 10 minutes went by and was still there so I got the cane and walked towards him and he took off without even glancing at me.
I bought this video surveilance kit and I tried it out on my mothert’s porch. I checked the screen and I could see this perfect ball of light UFO float through the sky. Then I realized it wasn’t in the sky but on my mothert’s porch so it was only baseball sized but could not be seen with the naked eye. It didn’t record though.
One morning, before first light, I needed a lighter so I could smoke a cigarette. My mom offered to take me to 7-11. On the way home, there was a huge owl, 2 1/2 ft. tall, just standing in the middle of the road.Even as we approached it and drove around it, it stood there motionless. I had read “Communion”, so I had jokingly said to my mother that that owl was probably a disguised alien.
One afternoon, I was in my condo’s parking lot walking to my mom’s car. I looked at the parked cars and on 3 of the cars was the license plate”CAMS”. And on one of those, on bottom of Cams it said,” In God We Trust”. On the top of CAMS instead of a state it said,”The United States Of America.” Now why would 3 cars have the exact same license plate and I have never seen one that said USA instead of a state.
Around this time, I always felt like we were being followed. So I would constantly look in the passenger’s side rearview mirror. Then one night as my mom was driving to her home by herself, someone from the side of the road had smashed off the passenger side rearview mirror. She never saw who did it.
When I was at my mom’s, I got this feeling maybe that I was surrounded by strangeness. So I got out my binoculars and I looked across the way into this patch of woods. The first thing I saw was a boy, who looked like a native American, was in a tree looking back at me. Then I saw his face start to change like a chameleon. It made it so his face perfectly blended in with his surroundings by changing colors in his face. Then a saw this maybe 15 ft tall perfectly silver thing. It seemed to start off at something like 10 ft around and got smaller gradually until it got to maybe 4 ft around. It was shiny that it looked like it was made out of chrome. Coming off of this thing were orange hoses that were flat like a fire hose is when it doesn’t have water going through it. They were also the same size and shape of fire hoses but maybe only 10 ft long. They were flying up and down like they were alive. My impression was that was being used for terraforming. But that is just a guess. For all I know it was a new type of life form.
Then I got the weirdest thing to date. There was a video I don’t remember recording at my mom’s. It showed me filming around the house but in different parts of the house there was like a film being shown of different times in my life.
Now I didn’t know what was going on in my reality. I had thoughts that I was dead, in hell, in a coma, dreaming, inside a Matrix kind of machine…. I did know the things that were happening didn’t happen in my reality that I had come to know.
One of the reasons I thought I was in hell was because on one of my audio recordings of my condo, instead of the voices, I heard this comedy routine with a laugh track. But the subject matter was of a man making jokes of Jesus and Christiananity.
One day, we (myself, my daughter and mother) were all cleaning my condo. I found this note that looked like it was in my handwriting. I knew that I didn’t write it. So I read it and it said that I was a king and in 7 years, not long in terms of my life ( there words not mine), I would have 70 men on the street, willing to do anything I asked of them. One of the reasons I knew I couldn’t have written it was that as the grammar, punctuation and sense ,dissipate as the note drew to a close. Also, why would I write this to myself. I knew no one would believe me so I had my mother read it outload to myself and my daughter. I put the note in my room where it disappeared.
During all of this time, my mom and daughter, would sometimes blurt out things I was thinking or just plain weirdness. When I would ask them about what they said, they would always deny saying anything.
Things even got stranger. I was at my mom’s and the sun was just coming up when I swear I saw an intruder. I started freaking out but my mom and daughter wouldn’t listen to me and would not help me look for him/it. They just ignored me which made me very afraid and insane. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked my mother to take me to the hospital for a psych evaluation. I decided to wait for her in the car in the garage. I got in the passenger seat, closed the door and all of a sudden the whole car started to rock. As if there were 20 men surrounding it but of course there was no one to be seen. I got out of the car and called 911 to come take me to a hospital.
So I am on the phone with the 911 operator and she starts to ask me questions. Then she asked me for my address. Then she asked me for my address, then she asked me for my address, and then she asked me for my address. I finally said ,” You need my adress again?” The 911 operator just started to laugh at me. I hung up and called again. I said, “Hello”. The 911 operator just laughed. So I hung up and called again. This time I didn’t get to say a word, all I heard was her laughter.
A few minutes later, an ambulance, police and firetruck showed up. As I was getting on the stretcher, a nice looking 40 something year old woman with a big smile said to me,” Do you remember me?” I said, “Yeah.” But of course I didn’t because I never saw her before and would not have had an opportunity to run into or meet her. As I was put into the ambulance, all of the people started to dispearse. The ambulance I was put in, had the driver and the back section divided so there was no way to see who was driving or have any interaction with them.
Now the attendant that was with me, strapped me down to the gurney so I had limited movement. The attendant didn’t smile at all and seemed to be in a pissed off mood and it felt like it was directed towards me. I became afraid of him and what he was going to do to me. I told him I was paranoid and that I was having trouble trusting anyone. Hoping that he would try and be soothing and nice. He stayed nasty looking. He then started to put wires on my fingers(forB.P.) but I thought he was going to electrocute me. He didn”t. So on the way to the hospital, he got on his cell phone and I couldn’t hear what he was saying except for, “We’re taking him to the dumping grounds.” I started to dial my mom but got no one. I tried 911 again and I was afraid to talk. I hung up and did that 2 more times.
When we stopped and the doors were opened, I was relieved to see I was at the hospital. But as I was being brought in, I noticed that this did not in anyway look like the hospital that I knew. For one, there was only 2 nurses, one male, one female, in the whole area. No doctors and only one man as a patient in a room. Now the nurse was a Hipanic woman and she asked me,” You had problems on 911? How could the person disquise her voice? How could that happen?” I hadn’t mentioned anything to anyone so how she knew freaked me out.
As I waited to be brought into a room, the ambulance attendant, stood behind me. He stood only about an inch from me which made me even more paranoid. He also made it look like he was holding a knife in his hand. I was brought to a room and given a bed. The only other patient was across the hall from me. He was a fat middle aged Hispanic man that was naked. He was screaming and writhing around on his bed. So in this wing, it was just the 2 nurses, the screaming naked man and me. Not a doctor or another soul in site.
The male nurse scared me the most. His skin was a sickly color. He looked as if he never saw a day of sunshine in his entire life. Not like an albino though. It looked more yellow but not like someone with hepatitus. He had a skinny frame but was all muscles. His demeanor was one of someone that had no compassion for anyone.
The woman nurse asked me,”What religious demonination are you?” I said ,” I was babtized Epicapalian.” Shen then asked,”Do you go to church every Sunday.” I started to try and explain my religious feelings when she wallked away.
I asked the girl nurse what was wrong with the screaming naked man. She said,” He didn’t take his meds.”
I was dehydrated so I asked for some water. The nurse came back with a paper cup of warm water. In her hand behind the cup was what looked like an eyedropper or nasal spray bottle with it’s top off and some clear liquid in it.I heard her say something to the guy nurse. She either said something like Los Zetas or the Zetas. At the time, I knew about the Mexican gang Los Zetas. There were a people that killed whole families indesciminately. But thinking about it now, maybe she was talking about the alien Zetas. I took the cup of water and when she left, poured it’s contents out and got new water from the faucet in the room.
Everyone there just seemed to be either outright nasty or emotionless. I asked the male nurse what was I waiting for. He said the doctor. But I was paranoid and wanted to leave. I asked the male nurse if I could leave and he said,”Not until I see the doctor.” About a minute later, the male nurse appeared with 2 big male nurses. They all went in the screaming guy’s room. I heard the sickly nurse say to the naked man,”This is what happens to pedophiles.” With that I saw them start to hold him down and then started throwing punches.
Ok. I had enough. Since they were busy with him, I ran towards an emergency exit. You know the kind that says do not open the door because an alarm will sound. As I opened the door, no alarm sounded. The sickly nurse yelled to me, “BYE.” And then all of them started to laugh.
I was in a full parking lot but there was not one person. I ran as hard as I could. I thought they would soon be chasing me down. I called 911 a few times and got the laughing lady again. I finally got through to a real operator and she asked me where I was. I told her I didn’t know and for them to trace the call and find me.
On the side of the ground, I found this long board. It was 6 ft. long,2 ft. wide and 2 inches thick. I picked it up and carried it with me to protect myself. Then I thought maybe the way they were messing with my phone was with the SD card. So I took it out and threw it out. Along with all of the recordings I had made. ( I would love to go back there with a metal detector to see if I could find it.)
So here I am on this busy road, carrying this huge board,darting through traffic, looking like a madman and not one person called the police. (As a matter of fact, I never saw one police car during my whole walk home. And this was on very busy streets of Fort Myers). I was completely lost and didn’t know which way to go. So as I was walking down this road I saw this building. I kept on walking and I saw the SAME building again. Not one that just looked like it. So I went top the other side of the street and walked. All of a sudden, I was on the street where I lived. Now I was 5 miles down the road but at least I knew where I was. To me, this was incredible. Out of all the roads and turns I could have made, I went directly to the right roads home.
I called my mom and told her where I was and she didn’t believe me. She said I couldn’t have gotten there in the amount of time I was gone. I hung up the phone and walked home. It must have been a total of 8 miles. Later my mother told me she tried calling me and calling me, leaving messages. I never got one phone call all of the way home. I checked my voice mail and found only 2 messages. One was from my mom , the other was from 911. Both looking for me.(My mom also called the hospital and they said I hadn’t arrived yet.)
Fast forward about 6 months later. I was at my mom’s. I had a new cell phone. I had been making recordings just like before so I decided to take a look at some of my films. I saw a film I didn’t recognize and after I watched it it blew me away and gave me an answer of what was happening to me.
It starts off of me filming my bedroom at my mom’s. I pan across my bed and on it was what looked like the rib cage of some humanoid under the sheet. Then I saw what looks like some kind of small(12 inches) alien hybrid that was black and shriveled looking inside of a black 12 inch pea pod. Then it shows me setting the phone/camera down so I could get a view of the bedroom. Then in the foreground you see this white hose that looks alive. Then you see something that is see through start to materialize on my floor. It turns out to be what can only be described as as a robot. Like the ones you see in the movie I,Robot. It’s just sitting there at the edge of my bed when all of a sudden it’s head starts to move and then it’s arms. It jumps on my bed and that’s the last of the strangeness.
Then a couple of weeks later, I was at my condo when I found 2 more videos that I had no recollection of. The first showed me paaning around my condo when a shadow person materializes on my daughter’s bedroom door. The second one has me filming when all of a sudden I begin to fall. Then the next thing you see, I am under the sheet on my bed filming. Now it doesn’t show me crawling into bed. Just one smooth transition of me falling and then under the sheet. Now you can make out things in my room through the sheets. I saw what looked like maybe 4 alien grays doing stuff in my room. Then right before the video ends, I can see these long very skinny legs standing over me. They were about the width of my wrist around.
Now the video of the robot and the one with me under the sheet had natural sounds on it but not one sound from the robot or me falling. I decided to make copies. The robot video I copied came out but there was no sound at all now.
I went to my mom’s to make copies of the other videos and upload them to Youtube. I uploaded the shadow video to Youtube. Then all of a sudden, almost every video from my SD card just vanished. The only videos left were ones that had nothing to do with me filming paranormal stuff. Now remember, I have not one bit of recollection of malking those 3 videos.
My mom and daughter have seen the videos. They both see the robot. Now I uploaded the robot video to Youtube but no one can see what I am talking about. I don’t know if what everyone else is seeing is what we are seeing. I just don’t understand. You can see the shadow on Youtube but that isn’t really proof of anything. Anyone can fake that.
At least now I understand that the things that are happening to me are the result of alien interference and that I am not going insane.
Evertime I take sleeping pill and I fall asleep, I start screaming. Not quietly but so loud that a neighbor came knocking on our door to make sure everything was alright. I’ve also had the cops called because of my screaming. I don’t know if this has anything to do with all of the strangeness going on but personally I believe I am reliving horrible experiences that have happened to me while I am with the aliens or whomever.
Within the last year, I have had more strangeness occur. In my bedroom in my condo, I have been molested and had some invisible female have sex with me. She gets on top of me and thrusts up and fown and around on my penis. This still happens occasionally. Also, I now see the outline of aliens. It looks like a fine wisp of smoke. I can see thses outlines at my place and my mom’s.
I finally had enough of the voices, so one day at my mom’s, i yelled to them,”Shut the fuck up you fake piece of shit. Then I heard them all laughing. I heard the one guy say to the others,” I can’t believe he said that. I can’t believe he called us fake. In all of my years I never heard anybody ever say that.” Another voice said,” How did he know?” I don’t remember or maybe I didn’t hear what was said after that. But while they were in a laughing good mood, I decided to ask a question,”So what is this all about?” The man answered,”Stay awake for a day and a half and you’ll find out.” I asked,”Find out what?” He replied,” Stat awake and you’ll see.” I didn’t stay awake so I never found out BUT the voices stopped for good. I never hear them anymore.
At my mom’s, I often see this light in the sky just stay there for hours and then disappears.
Now on 2/13/14, I was at my my mom’s outside smoking a cigarette. There is a road there that you can’t turn off of. I can see most of the road except for a small portion of it where there are trees blocking my view. I saw a car’s headlights and then it got to the section I can’t see and waited for it to come by. It’s only blocked from my view for 1 second. It never came by, it just vanished. I am thinking most likely, I was put asleep or taken somewhere and then woken up again instead of a car vanishing.
On 2/14/14, Valentine’s Day. I was outside at my mom’s smoking. I looked to where I usually see the UFO. And here comes a light flying by and then it just disappears. I looked all over to see if maybe it went through a cloud or something but nothing.
This wasn’t everything but most of it.

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  1. WWWOOOAAAHH!!!!!<br />is ward your name? or are you a ward? other than the last paragraph, this comment has nothing to do with paranormal. more like classic paranoid.<br />would make a great movie though!<br />don&#39;t know if I&#39;M the crazy one. i actually read the WHOLE thing!

  2. Ward, ignore the above comment. Take note that your belief in Christ seems to have played a rle. I know people who were so plagued, whether by aliens, demons, or their own mind, and yet when they called on the name of Jesus, in prayer, these entities, or high strangeness events, end. There are mental illnesses, it happens, and people can recover. But, yours sounds a little different and no

    • Ward, ignore the above comment. just seek some professional help. please, before we hear about you in the news. just, don&#39;t hurt innocent people

  3. Ward,you realize you could be a danger to yourself or your loved ones.When this started yrs. ago,did you say anything to your parents?Now I believe in higher deminsons,but please seek someone to talk to,you are either very special or walking on the edge .Good luck.

  4. Natalia: i think you meant &quot;meteorite&quot;. Carlos: your video is VERY interesting and exactly what ufo&#39;s do! you are lucky to have captured that!

  5. Hey Ward, you are either taking crazy pills, or your crystal meth habit is way out of control. If it is neither of these issues, you need to seek urgent psychiatric help, because buddy YOU ARE CRAZY!

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