Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension

Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension The universe is so complex that even the greatest scientific minds on earth ultimately acknowledge that we do not understand the forces and true nature of the cosmos, let alone our place within it. Now for the first time, the un-seeable and unbelievable has been caught on video by multiple individuals who have not only captured mind bending video of Entities, UFOs and Angels, but have been profoundly affected by their experiences. Confronted by the unknown, they all share a deep and unwavering need to know and understand the phenomenon they are experiencing. These individuals did not seek recognition or compensation, they are driven by the questions: “Who are we? What is real?” The sky is alive and has been for millennia with non-human activity, much of which is not visible to the naked eye. See concrete evidence with real video from beyond human perception and discover a realm of fallen angels and otherworldly visitors in a universe that is beyond our comprehension. Dare to ask yourself, what is our place in the cosmos?

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  1. … orbs are points of energy with their own conscience that are in a different dimension than us and can't been seen by the necked eyes.

  2. brilliant video proves that these entities are worldwide some might be evil some might be of a higher source of light from the angelic side of our galaxies im truly impressed by people who are taking these videos but i think these alien type entities are playing with peoples minds making them feel impressed by there crafts they are not of our dimension i believe there demonic in a sense

  3. I been trying to tell you fellas we is all living in a flat land we is the flat landers. You can't expect a square in flat land to understand them folks who is in a higher dimension and a 3 dimensional box. Why ? because you is all squares and flat heads…….

  4. If it's something we can't fully understand, it's probably from another dimension. To entities in the 4th dimension, we look like something inside an aquarium with our 3 dimensions. I'll watch the rest of this video later, but their premise looks interesting. I just wish they did a better job of documenting exactly when, where, what we're looking at (it is awfully blurry stuff

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