How to Properly Document Your UFO Sighting
Spotting a UFO may only come once in a lifetime. The following tips could help you to properly document and report such strange sighting.

– It is important to remain calm as most witnesses said that they experienced increase in heartbeat the very moment they realized that they may be witnessing a UFO.

– Take note of the exact time using your watch, cellphone or your car’s time. This is important to check after the incident if someone else also noticed the same UFO at the same time.

– Stay focus to get details of your sighting:

· Know how many objects you observe and take note of the color and shape. It is also important to know if the object changes its color. Describe the aura or haze around the UFO or know if there are any cloud, or smoke trails from the mysterious object.

· Observe whether the object lands or disappears into thin air. Take note if it emits lights, produces sounds or if there is any other object close to it.

· Find any magnetic or electrical effects of the object such as car stop running. Look around if there is any aircraft close to the object.

· Make sure that your senses are not impaired or impeded during the sighting. Know if your contact lenses or glasses obscured your view. Be sure that you’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Know if your headphones don’t affect your hearing.

 – Note the time of the end of your sighting

– If you have a cam with you, try to videotape or grab a photo of your sighting.

– Write down everything about your sighting when everything is fresh in your mind.

– Post your sighting to social media or to YouTube (if you caught it on camera) to know if somebody has witnessed the same.

– You can also report your sighting to major agencies and organizations such as local police, Mutual UFO Network and Latest UFO Sightings (link).

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  1. good guidelines only. when you're actually in the moment it doesn't always turn out this way. but writing everything down after the sighting is a good idea.

  2. Fred Sausage and the Mrs. use to drive around in their 61 Caddy convertible with their Brownie and take pictures of Fred in his pink wide brimmed hat and leisure suit while looking for ufo's ……

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