UFO Sighting Photo Captures in a City in Cumberland County, New Jersey

They are here and may have been discovered in Vineland. A resident, who chooses to be anonymous, was about to sleep on November 21, 2013 around midnight when he spotted glowing lights outside of their window. He then alerted his fiancée and they pulled the shade down. That was the time they clearly saw the bright lights that illuminated the entire front yard.

The incident was reported on February 5 on Mutual UFO Network. According to the report, the couple saw three lights in a triangular formation flying low. They managed to take a photo which appears on many other websites featuring the Vineland flying saucer.

The report says that the object was bigger than their house and slowly flying in complete silent towards east. It turned out that the couple was not the only persons to witness the incident as they saw the same lights in the Facebook post of their friend the next day.

The reporting witness said that he did not feel threatened or scared during the sighting but he was in awe. The report included the photo of the mysterious lights, which can be found on the website of MUFON.

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  1. if he didn't feel threatened or scared, why did he pull his shade down? sometimes there are strange conflicting sentences in one story. this one sounds interesting. bigger than his house he says? but how would he know?

  2. If there's a bright light shining through your window at night, what do you do? Pull down the shade. Now if there's something in the from lawn that is threatening to you? What do you do? Certainly pulling down the shade isn't going to amount to much protection.

  3. I reported this, definitely a lot of typos as I am a she. So I was about to go to sleep after I just got done feeding my baby, as I was getting in bed I saw my front yard lit up like it was day time. So naturally I pulled my shade up to see what it was as it was almost 12 am. When I looked outside I noticed all the yards around me were illuminated. So I look up and I see this massive triangle over me. It was so low that I could see the underside of it, which was a solid metallic black color. The lights stretched over about 3 houses (including mine in the middle). It was moving extremely slow like a hover almost. And all I could do was just stare at it and watch it continue on until I couldn’t see it anymore. The next day I was on Facebook and noticed a friend who lived near me took a picture and said she saw it shorty after I saw it. I screen shotted that picture and sent to mufon with my report. Never followed up with anyone as I was starting to get a little creeped out by all the publicity. Also, when I saw the UFO the lights were a bright white, not sure why the camera captured it as a different color.

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