History Channel To Air New UFO Show Featuring Pennsylvania UFO/USO Enthusiasts

Unidentified flying objects were not in the mind of John Ventre until about 17 years ago when he decided to author a science fiction book. He discovered more evidence of UFOs as he went deeper with his research about the subject.

Ventre, director for the Mutual UFO Network in Pennsylvania, said he is totally convinced that UFO is a real phenomenon. Ventre can also be seen in History Channel’s “Hanger 1,” a cable television series about unidentified flying objects.

The show will feature three MUFON cases each week and show different agenda regarding extra-terrestrials. It will feature actual footage along with narratives, recreations and expert testimony.

Ventre, 56, said that aliens look after mankind for the most part. He added that humans are like a science project for the space aliens.

Lou Coban, who has been observing the skies for around 20 years at the Allegheny Observatory, said that he has witnessed unusual sightings through its telescope.

Ventre said he too has seen strange things in the sky and many others have, such as witnesses who reported their UFO sightings to Mutual UFO Network, which received around 70,000 reports from different states in the U.S. including Pennsylvania. The state is in number 3 spot when it comes to the number of UFO sightings report. Ventre said that they get around 6 sightings a week, a little over 300 reports in a year.

According to MUFON reports, UFO sightings were reported in Apollo, Irwin, Greensburg, Jeanette, Delmont, Vernon, Belle, Ligonier, Latrobe and Murrsyville. Ventre and many others strongly believe that the key may be Lake Erie as around 50% of all UFO sightings happened above or near bodies of water.

This is when USOs or unidentified submerged objects come into picture. Ventre said that Lake Erie could be the base camp for UFOs. When these UFOs submerged beneath the surface, they will now be called USOs.

History of USOs can be traced back in 1942 when Columbus and his navigator noticed a moving bright object under their ship.

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  1. ?… Last sentence, LoL , 🙂 … Looks like a type-e here. " History of USOS can be traced back in 1942 when Columbus and his navigator noticed a moving bright object under their ship." ( Note Date) … 🙂

  2. typing mistake re columbuses sighting the lights werein the sky adjacent to his ship followed his ship then submerged into water m ost mariners in ancient times seen ufos but most didnt logthem as they were a superstisious bunch of religeous people & a lot uneducated anything out of the ordinary was old nick related .

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