Stationary UFO hovering above Margate, Florida 10-Mar-2014

orbThis footage of a bright unidentified flying object hovering above Margate, a city in Broward County, Florida was recorded on 10th March 2014.

Witness report: I was able to receive a copy of this event and this was recorded from a cell phone. If I have the information correct there were at least 10 observers at the Walmart located at 441 & Atlantic this particular night including a security guard. This recorded piece here was towards the end of its appearance in the sky at that time. I will try to submit a separate posting here as well so people can watch the video (tried submitting here in comments but appears to only take image files) and to encourage others who may be able to add additional info. There is also a very similar object (some call a light orb, also light orb ufo) that was posted from Boynton Beach around this date & you can easily find it on the map. I wonder if this was this same or a different object. There are also others who saw the same or different object near this date in Coral Springs and you can look on the map as well & see those submissions.

It appeared to have various colors that it emitted as a white-like ufo light orb- other colors were blueish, purple/violet & hues of green. It hovered for a good while and was around for about 15 minutes. It had a flickering appearance at one point.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Interesting. Wonder what it is? Were there any night exercises at the time ?<br />Odd how a lot of these things are seen over built up areas, and very few over sparsely populated areas. Fewer people to observe and vice versa?

  2. It&#39;s either a very good catch, or a model copter. It&#39;s just so hard to tell unfortunately.<br /><br />What say you Mr Sausage?

    • Say now the notion regarding the Crystal Theory just might apply to these ufo color changes. Coloring elements cobalt and magnesium for example create Blue spectrum light. Like o&#39;l fred said before them fellas do like putting on light shows…… <br />

    • Say now o&#39;l Fred is heading down San Diego way to check on rust pickers and squids…… and always on the look out for them ufo fellas….

  3. IMO…RC copter w/LED lights. If these type objects were to fly off a considerable distance I would believe differently, but since this stays in a focused area for a duration of time, I believe its someone flying an RC craft. Check out &quot;RC helicopters at night&quot; on YouTube. These toys can fly 2 miles up or at a distance from operator w/standard transmitter strength some even further if

  4. Same thing is happening lately in sunrise around hiatus and 44th saw it twice and my brother saw it again last night..I&#39;m going tonight to see.

  5. My son-in-law saw the same thing on March 10th,2014 , I&#39;d love to share those stories with you.. I live at commercial and Pine Island:-)

  6. I live right down the street on 441 and South gate and I&#39;m not sure of the date but I know it was around that day I seen the same thing but looking west from my house so it was more in the Coral Springs area. It was the same exact thing a hovering bulb of light that changed color and stayed in the same spot. I even pulled my mom, dad husband and brother outside to see it.

  7. saw it at bb&amp;t center april 29, 2014 after Bruce Springsteen show. A 5 point star shape that changed from blue to violet and moved freely back and forth. strange. what could it be?

  8. I saw this on two separate occasions in Tamarac. At first I thought it was a slow moving Helicopter. Second time my girlfriend was with me, and I pointed it out to her, she got a picture on her Cell Phone, but it didn’t turn out too good. It was orange, pulsing, moving then standing still, then went up and up until it disappeared. Have NO idea what it is\was.

  9. Ok this is so weird. I was driving earlier tonight and i noticed something in the sky. It resembled something luke this. It changed colors from purple to yellow and 3 other colors. Crazy thing is, its in the same area as this one. This video shoes the object to the southeast of walmart. What i seen tonight was either right on top of walmart or to the north. I have no doubt that this was no plane or helicopter. It was in the sky stationary. As we stopped the car, it slowly started to sink behind the trees and we could no longer see it.

  10. i saw the same thing in Coral Springs coral ridge between sample and wiles road at 2:30 am on April 15 2014 it hovered about 10 min changed colors and flickers

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