TOP 10 UFO Government Whistleblowers of All Time

Now presenting the Top 10 UFO Government Whistleblowers of All Time. All of the greats are represented and presented in detail. Now celebrating The Top 10 UFO Government Whistle-blowers of All Time.

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  1. I believe Bob Lazer and every word he spoke, when the highest deleted and doctored his history-education and everything relating to him not being at the right job in Area51, only for that to be provrd wrong through very good research from top researchers.

    • well obviously you are making an uneducated statement, beginning with the spelling of his name; it's LAZAR not Lazer, and second, he was proven to be a hoaxer YEARS ago. He didn't do SHIT at area 51. You're just caught up in dis-information.

    • You are completely wrong..Bob is now the head of Raytheon technologies and is still involved.. Yet he no longer discloses information.. Seems Bob got the message his handlers sent….Look up Bob Lazar Raytheon and anti matter tech in google.. Seems you are the one caught up in the disinformation.. Also look up John Lear and Bob Lazar.. They are close friends..You know Lear..He is the Head of

  2. Good presentation on the UFO so called whistleblowers they are all highly credible just one of them on that list if you do so research will find he is a con artist and lier and that is Bob Lazer- putting him with some of these great people is just disgusting.

  3. Why didn't you include Dr. Steven Greer? He's been diligently working at UFO disclosure for more than twenty years…at the highest levels of military and government, no less.

  4. Taken in isolation, one could argue that whistleblowing is hoax, but these 10, are a real case for the UFO phenomena. I have researched 9 of these 10 over the years and am convinced there is real substance here. They had much to lose, and not a lot to gain. I don't make a case FOR or AGAINST the existence of UFO's. I read the report, and perform an objective investigation on the evidence

  5. The #1 slot seems well taken. I would like to have spoken with Marcel. If the analysis of the letter he was holding in his hand during the balloon cover story photo shoot is credible, this man alone really took a bullet between the eyes for the team.Todays available technology can be used to spin most witness accounts either way.Lazar may be that type of spin today.

  6. That Lazar is a real smart fella, and if he still working on cars that don't run on gasoline we gots to talk about converting my caddy to Hydrogen I can use the Mrs. for ballast….

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