Alien Civilization Makes Contact!

On August 16, 2001, a crop formation appeared overnight in front of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory in England. It was a clear response to the Arecibo Message which was sent into space by Carl Sagan and Nasa in 1974.
It seems impossible that people could have made such large and complex formations so perfectly in the dark of one night. On top of that, scientific analysis of the crops showed that they had not been pushed down with blunt force as you would expect in a man-made design. Rather, the bottom nodes of the stalks had been heated via some form of focused radiation so that they wilted over and strangely, came to rest at a 90 degree angle.
Most people will have a skeptical reaction to their appearance, as it so closely resembles the typical “grey” alien dipicated in so many movies. But it is worth noting: That image was not the product of Hollywood’s imagination. Just like the “flying saucer”, the description originally came from people who claimed to have seen them first hand. Hollywood took that description and sensationalized it for their own purposes.

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  1. this is the proof that they are transmiting something ou warning something. i think they are afraid of showing off because of our reaction or if we will attack them!

    • Read about the shape ''Torus'' it is all the flat design of the Torus Energy flow … Also called free energy technology … Hihly abondened, all those who invent such things as '' Magnet rotated engine'' those run on low voltage while it store's tripple energy on the side … These things get people killed buy oil company's … And I could go on and on

    • Hi Joe! <br /><br />Just wanted to say that i agree with most of what you say though id like you to be a bit more &quot;soft&quot; in your approach to the &quot;Fen church people, pathetic Fen liars…&quot;. I agree with what you say about religion but please be nice. They have their belief and we another.<br /><br />Anyway! Good post and take care!<br /><br />/Andrew2

    • I have been doing my own research on a lot of different so called conspiracy theories. I have gathered that most of these occurrences probably have happened. I have also come to believe strongly that most have happened in order to achieve the same outcome. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle of reality waiting to reveal it&#39;s truth to both the Enlightened and the Ignorant. You choose

    • To anonymous 12:45…<br />You sound like you have done your homework and learned of different theories. But what you didn&#39;t learn was the English language. Was difficult to understand you at times. Please check your grammar. Also, all these spirituals you say have practiced, have gone out the window since you sound so hostile. Please check your buddism.

  2. My hats off to the investigators with enough mind to apply detailed info, then put it in English!WOW! A multitude of heart-felt THANKS!

    • You as a non-believer, you are a load of bollocks. This is all real DUDE. Get your head out of where the sun don&#39;t shine and wake up to the facts!!!


    • Hey ladies and gentlemen they are real and that is the truth as i have seen the triangle shapes and the aliens themselves and if the people don&#39;t believe then that is your fault – the government is in contact with the aliens in exchange for technogly so they abduct people and cattle —strange yes but true . keep your eyes open and just look and it will show it&#39;s self

    • If you don&#39;t think this is real, then ask yourself who could do this? Certainly not humans, especially not in one night, it isn&#39;t impossible, however think about it… Why? To get attention? LOL…no there is a certain reason and why, or HOW would farmers crop this Arecibo Message (sent into space by Carl Sagan and Nasa in 1974) into their farm. Plus it is exactly the same but with

    • Statistically speaking it is nearly impossible for aliens not to exist but multiple species is in interesting concept the messages science is correct only a student that had a computer the size of a corn field could make that code that is unlikely

    • Yep still Bollocks guys! <br /><br />Doesn&#39;t mean aliens don&#39;t exist, but anyone who thinks an advanced civilisation would pick such an obscure and abstract way of simply saying hi has bollocks for brains.<br />It&#39;s humans messing around in a field with planks and ropes.

    • Weirdly when our crop circle appeared in 2009 the field later was tapped of a huge pocket of natural gas. We know there is ground penetrating technology at the disposal of anyone with enough money to use it. So why are we so sure it&#39;s not the oil and gas companies looking for oil and gas?

    • I agree with Big Adolph. It&#39;s noty that I think that we are alone in the Universe, but if these Aliens are so smart, why are they messing around with crop circles. Maybe it&#39;s Alien Kids messing with us, or doodling, or a bunch of earth kids jerking our chains. Crop circles are dangled before us like a giant carrot and somebody is having a good laugh!

  3. this communication was 10 years ago, if it was truly a monumental step to aliens, why haven&#39;t similar contacts occurred in this decade? this was also a month before 9/11, when a cascade of wars, austerity and spending in our economy began to take place… 10 years and 5 wars later, what good was that warning?

    • Good point! The warning should typically have been given to the Indians before the white man came with his false gifts and empty promises.

  4. The British are aware of 47 different species in the heavans, nothing like a 10 year old story to say, &quot;Hey, that looks like a GREY&quot; … yeah, thats 1. 46 more to go.

  5. i think, that there are some &quot;good&quot; aliens that are trying to warn us about something that might happen. especially from what the scientists broke down from the binary code. if someone had the time and the stealthiness AND the motive to do some crazy ass crop circle thing like this then i applaud them. but if not its like WTF? how do you even explain that

    • dude im with you. their is no way us humans can do this in one night, maybe usa goverment has some sort of et equipment, if not it is most definatly a message from space. i have always believed my whole life and still will to the day i die. .WE ARE NOT ALONE. theirs parts of this ocean and earth and even underground that we as humans will have never and will never see, e.g the depth of the ocean.

  6. I am surprised at some of the comments. Could anyone in the night get into this field and start to create or design something detailed like this. Which art students could do anything like this and finish in the dark night, wake up and seriously start thinking. Are you so behind time. This is something out of this world, more advanced and the form of communication is completely different

  7. If it had been students, as with all crop circles done by humans, its artists would in all likelihood, not still be a secret after ten years.

    • crops circles have been noted three hundred years ago.,even though man would like to take credit.,these are not though, they are really becoming a new communication strategy .they realize there will be a lot of ignorant people out there that will not take them seriously.its too bad.,some people cannot see what is right in front of them……

  8. Extremely telling. Here we are ten years past this event and yet it is relatively unknown, certainly has not been acknowledged by any government and has found little or no debate among us………the believers. Once the circle was decoded why has the information not been in the main stream media? Or do current events, like Kim Kardashins 72 hour marriage mean more to us then the possibility of

    • It is a simple thing…ignorance is bliss to those that hold the knowledge. Ever heard of the &quot;Dark Ages&quot; This is no different. It is not becaouse of funding that NASA and the Governements around the world have decided to not go back to the moon on a manned mission…or, is it????

  9. What a magificant universe when ET&#39;s can transmit data via the relativity of the field for all to see. In an ever increasing age of deception its only fitting that species that shared in many of our development throughout history would communicate strength against those who designs are less that the best outcome for the human condition.

  10. &quot;It seems impossible that people could have made such large and complex formations so perfectly in the dark of one night&quot;. <br /><br />Very likely that Crop Circles are a product of HAARP technology. That&#39;s how it&#39;s done so fast with such accuracy in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. To imply that extraterrestrials did this is really going WAY out on a rotten

    • Yep. All part of the big deception. Beware, aliens=demons.<br /><br />People need to get right with God and start reading the Bible, so they will not be deceived.<br /><br />God bless all who read here, in Jesus&#39; Name. Maranatha!<br /><br />~Amanda

    • It is the real deal…as for HAARP techno…it does not the the ability to do slective systemic damamge…The was a process of infiniate power and prcission on the systemic root system of the plant and as far asI am aware…not produced as yet on earth.

    • We send out a message about us and this is there answer and you do not think it is real? Get your head out of the sand and listen to the message! WARNING&lt;

    • It&#39;s religious beliefs going out of proportion that caused all wars and technilogical sestet back from now to the dark ages we would literarily be hundreds of years more advanced.

    • amanda! if you are a non believer why are you on this site? this so called jesus guy might have been a human but where does your alleged god live? theres no planet called heaven love, lol. fail

  11. Why don&#39;t they use out televisions to communicate? Or hover above parliament house or something for an hour or so during daylight with tourists ,media and locals all taking pictures.

    • Indeed. All this hide ad seek is bull and crap. All &#39;lights in the sky&#39; on this website are perfectly explanable. If it is not on any national broadcast the &quot;obervation&quot; is crap. And if it is on national news it still can be crap. Your suggestion of a landing on a public hotspot would settle the &#39;lonelyness qustion&#39; once and for all.

    • All media including National medias are controlled by the government. You will only be allowed to know what they want you to know. Real images that cant be explained by anything other than ET…will never be on the news. All you will ever see in the News Media are hoaxes.

    • I believe some of the things reported probably are goverment doings. Not all the things that have been seen and reported are though. We are not alone and never have been.

  12. why they communicate like this ? Because government cooperate whit other ETs that&#39;s more then true, not that one who left the massage, so the species who left the massage they know the aliens whit who we cooperate are not that good like they saying the they are.Its simple they are aware maybe something going to happened whit them too or going to be involved whit the other species if i can

    • I just saw the movie Loopers and many years in the future we supposely controll time travel but for my surprise the vehicles still make a very loud noise. I have seen a few UFO and they are completely silence. These aliens are thousand of years ahead of us.

  13. It could be true or not true, no mere human will ever know the truth. One should not assume to know the truth…. u just might be wrong.

  14. I think this is the most credible of the crop circles so far, and it does seem to make a lot of sense. I cannot understand why people create hoaxes about UFOS etc. it just causes fear and problems for everybody, it is cruel!!!

  15. some comments are hilarious ! nobody could do this at night expecially ind a field where no light ist and you cant see anything ! and the other comment with 9/11 why should they warn us about something like that ? usa did that themselves and not the irak or al quaida maybe they mean bad E.T and that they are good

  16. People are so quick to believe anything these days. I feel sorry for all the gullible people that actually believe that aliens are trying to contact us through patterns in crops. Get real people. Apply some rational analysis before you jump to conclusions.

    • I agree with you. If such advanced beings can cross space, or quantum Jump, or use Worm Holes, or by whatever means. Why would they communicate with us by crop circles? They would know through observation we have a language and telecommunications, Seems like they (whoever &#39;They&#39; are) are just mucking about. Maybe Alien graphiti artists. Who knows? Not a very good way to communicate with

  17. they sed beware of deception false promises false idols sounds like a part from the bible never seen these crop circles before .it has been stated that there are bad &amp; good aliens just like there are bad ?&amp; good people in the world. a lot of sense maybe there telling man to stop destroying our own planet which must have an effect on our solar system &amp; galaxies throughout the universe

  18. This message may have come from Pleiades. There are several civilisations in this star group.<br /><br />Super power governments already know who sent this message, and what it implies.<br /><br />It&#39;s only us mushrooms who are kept in the dark to our peril.

  19. The Debunkers will always nay-say what ever we try to share with each other….have you ever heard of The Council of Worlds. Research it and also the Zeta&#39;s websites. There is info out there. You just have to look and read and listen.

  20. i believe it but not how you or everyone warns of deception and who is the one that deceives but satan himself aliens you say more like demons satan&#39;s demons.satan has been deceiving ever since he was cast out of heaven he created his own race to rival our lord thy god&#39;s own creation us do you really want too know who or how they built the pyramids why the mayan&#39;s knew so much

    • Read some history….art in cave dwellings depict flying saucers…art from the biblical era depict flying saucers…there are writing&#39;s for many centuries back that talk about the others and aliens. Even if your a Christian and believe God created the universe and everything in it…why would you think that he wouldnt put life forms on the other planets in the universe and give them

  21. Ofcourse it is happening in our lifetime,and Im 57..Dont worry it WILL happen soon..A total publication,in NOT more than 3years-thats a promise.. hhC

  22. I hope your right if it happened in my lifetime it would but the monumental and answer so many questions<br />

  23. THis is them being late on the news, I knew about this a year ago and there nothing wrong with religion…Im a Christian well not sure but My faith is in God and Jesus. -Smiles- The time will come, watch as our goverment falls and fail at there own misery of pain. No judgement from me, just saying

  24. oh great. then that first dude that sent a message to them told them where to find us. we&#39;re doomed i tell ya, doomed!

  25. I wish there was a benevolent source there to communicate with, but the odds of this being a set-up for later mass hysteria by the cabal is quite high. We have the technology to do this guys. Use discernment, and know that the fake alien invasion is still on the books.

  26. How the f*ck would aliens know to encode a message in ASCII, and use stop bits? Why didn&#39;t they use EBCDIC instead?<br /><br />We never transmitted an ASCII table, or used stop bits (TTBOMKAB). this information so why would we ever assume messages are inter-galactically transmitted in ASCII. <br /><br />I want to believe this, but this genuinely sounds like a very clever hoax – or is it that

    • Alien superior intelligence could easily decipher ASCII from any of the text messages transmitted from earth. No problem!

    • Hi there! They maybe use ASCII just because we do.. so we can understand it… i mean if they got here and as you say can bend the crop at 90 degrees they almost certainly can do some research to know what means of communication we use =) <br /><br />By the way, why would they want to eat us? Personally i hope and think that if they are as advanced to get here they might even have figured out

  27. Can anyone offered a reasonable explanation as to why these beings have chosen such a peculiar medium (ie: cereal crops) through which to transmit their message? If they have the technological ability to bend the stalks of plants at a 90 degree angle using radiation could they not simply communicate via radio waves? I mean, the largest radio telescope in Britain is only a matter of meters away. <

    • The crop medium suggests love of nature and simple good things. Also it suggests aliens want to display their artwork for all – these are not truly communication messages. Perhaps you can view them as logos, each logo representing another alien civilisation arriving on earth…?

    • They picked the crop circle medium because it&#39;s something we don&#39;t know how to do.<br /><br />They are behaving like older brothers or parents with a younger child (us).<br /><br />It&#39;s also a non-violent form of communication, not causing panics or mobs fleeing. If this is truly from ETs, maybe they&#39;re nice folks. <br /><br />It is important to approach these beings with caution

  28. what i think the message is trying to tell us that the zeta raticulites aka the greys are not our friend the are decieving and have no feelings to them we are nothing more than lab rats n the good out there wich is tryin to warn us are the elahims they are our creators and have similar characteristics to us and they mean no harm they only want to love and save humanity once we can free our minds

  29. This is definitely one of the most remarkable of all the known crop circles. So obvious in its response to The Arecebo message sent into space by Carl Sagan. The biggest lie of the UFO cover-up is that there is no physical evidence of their having visited us while it is the contrary thats true. There is tons of physical eveidence, this crop circle is a fine example…but if they say there isn&#39

    • The Voyager crafts are still intact as far as I know. Voyager 1 sends messages and reached the outer bounds of the solar system. So if this is an alien communication then more probably they learned about the Sagan logo of earth from secondary sources, such as television broadcasts.

  30. The earthly human race is so far behind that it took thousands of years to bring it be able to acxcept the existance of other living beings in the universe.Till the 20th century the cheurch had the monopoly on averything which apperead from the sky, if it was a ufo the church called it holy cloud, if it was a man they called him Jesus, is it was a woman the church called it Holy Mary, in some

  31. I feel that there is a conflict going on between certain extraterrestial races. Maybe just between two races or certain groups of races, just like on earth how you have certain countries on one side then another set of countries on the other. Anyway, i think that one side is trying to help our race survive, reasons why they want us to live are unknown, maybe they believe that living is everyones

  32. Wow. The comments are the best part of this presentation. Why on earth would aliens want to bother with us…..primitive beings who think they know everything in the universe there is to know….except how to spell basic words? No wonder they have to draw pictures. That&#39;s the most our civilization can understand at this stage of our very limited development. Most of you commenters would

  33. wow we will really never no what is going on until they show us them selves be it aliens, the government or the worlds elite but until then the evidence is there but the question is who put this evidence in front of us to see. the way i see it theres 2 possible answers project blue beam is happening or there is other civiliastions making contact which after observing our ways realize that this

  34. Never saw this video before. It is very intriguing and not easily explained. If it is a fake, these people must be clever and very quick. Why would anyone waste their time on creating such an elaborate hoax; after a few laughs, what would they get out of it ? Some people say that college students are responsible for the crop circles. I have been working with college students all my life; they

  35. if this is true then why did it take a so called superior being 27yrs to reply to the image data sent out to space by humans? I think it is more likely another human 27yrs later that saw this comunication thing and decided to do something about it. So many ufo sighting both in images and video footage, but im yet to see one with my own 2 eyes, I think after 30+ yrs of my existance I would have

    • I am 65 &amp; have always beleaved in God &amp; Jesus.Jesus said in my Father&#39;s house there are many kingdoms.In the last 4 years I have seen 10 different ufo&quot;s. One bright light was only 150 ft. above my house. The light turned off &amp; I could hear the click &amp; it was gone. couldn&#39;t see or hear a thing.I believe these ufo&quot;s have been comming here since the beginning of

  36. I believe in ufo&#39;s but not crop circles if the governments are in with the so called alien beings for technology why would they need to abduct us if said creatures created us and if they have been here for millenia why would they abduct people still surely they would have done all they could years ago? so i beleive in ufos just no all the rubbish you and others talk and am fed up with all the

  37. they have allready made contact with the government and with the people of earth but people only want to believe what they are told — the earth is hollow as it has been proved many a time- i have seen many a thing strange and it didn&#39;t come from earth

  38. im only 13 an my grandpa has a background of stu lke this he a move stuf with his mid and stuff beyon your belive butend h end u can say that lens do exist mater fact i saw 2 ufos ths week white dics in the distance the the flash and dissapear its just stuf lke this that proves were not alon so the goveren needs to atleast tell us what we deserve to no cuz some peole dont get reconized for being

  39. I still think those who feel they are ready for the truth will not be able to wrap their minds around the reality of it, perhaps it&#39;s our human nature to be led around like aimless sheep, but no question about it either way, they are real, they do exist, the people at the very believe in them even more than you do.

  40. This is not about crop circles but for those of you who are just looking for truth and have an open mind to what the truth could be than I think you will find this video to be full of what quite possibly could be &quot;THE TRUTH&quot; I stumbled across this last night as I am also in search of answers and I have watched it three times already. For all of you who will surely laugh and make wise

  41. I am certain we&#39;re being visited and have been for thousands of years but to instantly accredit extraterrestrials for something obviously man-made – yes, obviously MAN-MADE – just adds fuel to the skeptics&#39; arguments about ufologists being gullible and unrealistic.<br />I have seen a UFO with my own eyes and I know others who have also, but, please, save your &quot;belief&quot; for

  42. Why don&#39;t you nonbelievers go out in a field tonight and make something like this and tomorrow morning we&#39;ll all take a look and see how well you did.

  43. I believe its real. Im talking about the alien message at the end of the video. <br /><br />And by that i mean not made by students or some artist etc. Question is, is it made by aliens/interdimensional beings or by the government with captured ET-technology? If it was made by the govt chances are the message would be something more &quot;down to earth&quot; like &quot;beware of the aliens!&quot;

  44. Such an advanced civilization would only communicate using crops ? Sure: they haven&#39;t discovered yet radio waves, nor can they appear publicly … Really incredible !

  45. if aliens didn&#39;t do this then the gov are puttin those satellites up in space through test runs on their yes i said it becuase i dont belive all the tech on those satelites are to just take pictures for google earth and trackin weather conditions thats all bullshit. they have those things orbiting in space around our world for a reason.they have cameras that can see what we

  46. This isn&#39;t about &quot;believing&quot; in something that we suspect might be happening…..but rather &quot;understanding&quot; what is happening. I wish I had more geometry and math skills to help decipher these circles. They&#39;re definitely made by another race- not old guys or students tramping them into form- this is certain.<br />Could you actually imagine the awe you would

  47. People, I have seen and experienced much. People say and think I am crazy and ridicule me for speaking the truth. But I will take any lie detector or hypnotist on! You provide it! I&#39;ll give it all, that I am capable of giving. Yes aliens are real, I remember that which they allow me too. I can remember many, many lives before this one. God is real, seen him when Judas hung himself, God was

  48. Please don&#39;t trust every alien that comes down the block, but there some really bad ones out there, and some really good. Those aliens that crashed at Roswell, had spoken to a human and they asked about Earth. You see she was having a baby and wanted to raise it in a free world, not a tyranny, they came here to escape a type of slavery and met with pain and death. Who ever it was they were

  49. Aliens could hack into our satellite communication systems, and come on TV worldwide with a message welcoming us to the cosmos, and most people would get angry because it interrupted their favorite sit-com. These types will never believe that their are extra-terrestrial intelligences, no matter what happens.

  50. terrifying true: &quot;…or do current events, like Kim Kardashins 72 hour marriage mean more to us then the possibility of human expansion beyond our current knowledge.&quot; jeff belli 2011<br />theres so much crap on this planet.<br />i bet ET is laughing at us all the time :(<br />why in hell should they help us? theres not a freaking thing we can give to them. nothing.<br /><br />hope this

  51. i have seen ufo&#39;s flying in formations which i call squadron this occurs during dreams they occur in nighttime skies. this dream has repeated itself about five times over the past ten years i had read an article in a local pittsburgh pa area that stated that a twelve-year old boy from state college pa had the sames dream of seeing a squadron of ufo&#39;s well to say the least i was quite

    • Continue to pray for protection. I know that some folks here are Anti-religion, but I have had the experience of being bothered by entities for quite some time and when I finally called out for Jesus Christ to help me and ordered the beings to leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ—they did and have never been back. Pray sister, pray constantly.

    • You invited them in. Get rid of ANYTHING that has to do with the occult. Get these out of your house and practice them NO MORE. Burn this stuff with fire. Jesus and demons don&#39;t mix. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sounds like you may have pre-cognition, and that possibly you have been chosen to receive this message for some reason. contact Stan Romanek. his website is

  52. Hopefully this was true.Hopefully this wasn&#39;t a prank.I have seen two close up with my husband.Our government needs to tell us so we can be prepared but no they would rather gather coffins and have secret sites to go to in case something happens.I&#39;m so sorry how people treat us as we are Alien nuts and UFO nuts.Cussing us and treating us all so different than normal BUT,yet they watch

  53. Crop circles, very interesting.but if they replied to Areceibo, why not crop circle there?<br />And why not just land and get it over with. It&#39;s something like god, you are supposed to believe but never see him/it/her.<br />Seems like something is screwing with our minds, very annoying, they (whoever THEY are) must be having a right giggle.What a desperate waste of time for us. Look at the

  54. What does &quot;dipicated&quot; mean? If you want people to take your website seriously, you might want to take your text editing seriously.<br /><br />There also seems to be a paragraph missing, because the text goes from crop circles to the appearance of aliens without any transition.

  55. The entire E.T. &quot;question&quot; is a deception in it&#39;s entirety!! These &quot;things&quot; have been spoken of for thousands of years in god&#39;s written word, the bible. Those that poo-poo the book are idiots of parental idiots. These are DEMONS who have taken human D.N.A. and manipulated it. We are being used as pawns. The global governments are under their influence at this time.

  56. as a hindu monk 40 + years we know ufos or whatever you want to call them are real our sanskrit are the oldests in the world we will challenge anyone to say otherwise

  57. I have done much research over the past year and half into UFOs, ETs, crop circles and much more that I need not go into full detail and that&#39;s just the tip of the iceberg. What we know as DEMONS are quite simply the Anunnaki aka Nephilim that have fallen in battle thousands of years ago and they seek to control and corrupt–turning Mankind into a slave race.<br /><br />What is going on right

  58. When I saw my first UFO I couldn&#39;t stop thinking about the sighting. Later the same year I was browsing a book store and a certain book captured my attention. It was written by Billy Graham called &quot;Angels, Secret Messengers of God.&quot; The question regarding UFO&#39;s was posed to Rev Graham and he suggested that the readers turn to the Book of Ezekiel! When I did, I came to the same

  59. Crop circles are man made no ET&#39;s or UFOs there is nothing new in the designs, it has been shown how the crop circles are made and by humans.

    • ya right,circles are not bent over ,they have shown to heated to the point that the water in the grass expands and bends the grass a certain way.Also traces of radiation were found.

  60. Oh come on now! HA!!! Crop circles are made by two guys with ropes attached to wood planks in the dark of night with just a few hours to spare. That takes a heck of alot of imagination to believe that so-called proof. That kind of logic is what fairy tales are made of!

  61. Yes , humans can and do crop circles, imagination comes in with ET! the logic of crop circles being made by UFOs is a fairy tale made up by humans, we want there to be ET

  62. As we UFO witnesses all say, &quot;Seeing Is Believing!&quot; <br /> Once upon a time, civilization believed that the world was flat and that if someone ventured to far out to the edge they&#39;d fall off into an abyss! But Christopher Columbus and his crew challenged the popular belief and proved to the world that the world was actually round. <br />It&#39;s difficult to go against popular

  63. If the people posting comments here did some home work it&#39;s simple to answer …. Question <br />How many posters know Binary coding techniques?<br />How many posters know Binary encoding techniques?<br />How many posters know DNA sequencing?<br /><br />My best guess is very few if any, unless you have a Phd, Masters, Doctorate or Professor in these specific sciences. I am sure these highly

  64. Hi everyone, i didn.t read all replays ,hope i do not repeat this , but i have watch this video and saw from the second 06 to 09 , down left of the image near journal page , something like an oject or shadow of an object , or a bug,that flight to upper left of image….thanks for reading this.

  65. yup I se it, but really what it looks like to me is the face on mars, I do believe and I have al of my life and yet I haven&#39;t seen a thing(not up close and clear, any way) but now the cia is acknowledging area 51 and soon there will be more coming out, so let&#39;s just wait and see…any one for a trip to area 51?

  66. I sincerely hope that when ETs want to expose themselves they choose the right people to do it to, I&#39;m sure if US military were involved they&#39;d firstly want to kill &amp; examine then.<br />Better for them to reveal themselves via a few of the worlds media outlets at once or pop into the UN, I&#39;d love to meet them if they&#39;re friendly but I think we&#39;d know by now if they were

  67. Real as can be. Most on this site have guessed it. They will look putrid to us and we will try and hurt them and they want no trouble with us. We don&#39;t look too good to them but they have have treated us like their own and know we cannot.

  68. I&#39;d like to see anyone capable of converting all that data to code be willing to stomp around a field at night in the cold for No recognition. Didn&#39;t happen. My bet is real msg.

  69. Very Interesting, a Reply–Perhaps–to message Carl Sagan sent out to space in the 70s. Their message explains their chemical make-up, Extra DNA, Their Appearance, Location, and then there is a warning of other–similar beings, who may be Malevolent in Nature….But In Truth, There Are Humans Here On Our Own Planet Who Are Malevolent In Nature…..

    • Just wondering if your self absorbed indignant attitude is a result of eating under cooked rancid pork or poor genetics ? lol lol lol.

  70. as a hindu monk this is good work our old hindu books Sanskrit-the vedas the vimanas tell of them we all know they are real in this new age soon all will know to be true !!

  71. There&#39;s one problem with the art student theory, how did they get the radiation needed to bend the stalks and leave evidence? The stalks were not pushed down with a plank, they were individually placed.

  72. Bloody hell. there are some right nutters on this site.<br />Natch, everyone entitled to their opinion. I have none, and no answers, but then why would I? I &#39;ll believe , when the Aliens land on Tower Bridge or in Times square. But until then? I&#39;ll keep watching with interest and not make crazy specualtions.

  73. Why bother with ASCII encoding when in a corn field? <br /><br />I gather gas was found underneath…not sure if this is true, but if it is…<br /><br />Perhaps HAARP was performing some tomography but disguised it&#39;s intentions by microwaving a clever distraction onto the field…<br /><br />Smoke and mirrors in effect here?<br /><br />Or simply a hoax to make people think?<br /><br />

  74. Whatever is causing, or making these crop circles, I feel that it is playing with our minds. If something has the technology to produce UFOs, intricate crop circles etc, then why can&#39;t they just come forward and communicate an a civilized manner, (pardon the pun)? We must not be too gullible or too ready to embrace something we know nothing about. I get the feeling that we are some big

  75. You fellas gots to know that&#39;s some real nice art work… now if some folks here spent all that time creating it, they gots more time on their hands to play than even o&#39;l fred do…1st they gots to create a well thought out computer graphic then transfer all the relative corresponding measurement to the ground… and then run their b__ts off. If it&#39;s alien it just might have 3

  76. I Have Watched This A Few Years Here As Most Know I Am A Hindu Monk As You Know We Say They Are REAL We Call Ufos Vimanas Our Sanskrit, Vedas Books Are Over 5,000 Years Old.. Soon Much Will Be Shown They Are Out There In Our Universe Just Outside The Solar System !!!

  77. I see the second message like this : They warn us about the business kind Aliens that works with US government and probably some other government too.<br /><br />These aliens and the type of exchange they do with these government have high impact on our society. They manipulate us for their purpose, it&#39;s quite clear.<br /><br />Disclosure is needed for us to potentialy do something about it,

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