VIDEO: Unknown lights hovering above Stuttgart, Germany 22-Apr-2014

Germany UFO
These unknown lights were hovering in the night sky above Stuttgart in Germany on 22nd April 2014.

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  1. Why? Why? Why? I can only see pixels, even if I choose HD. Impossible to judge. Why do modern day HD capable cameras fail to take a reasonable video of a UFO?

  2. amazing footage definately a ufo quite large germany have lot of ufo sightings & documentations of c.e 4s thanks for posting it on ufo sightings .

    • I do believe in the presence of alien crafts, but I'm very critical and skeptic too, just 'cos I saw 'em three times in my life, close, clear, very distinguishable, I don't know if u did too, anonymous, just let me tell u that calling people names isn't good, it makes u look as a possessed or fundamentalist, so try be honest with yourself, clearly this clip has horrible

  3. Looks like 'lights' strung and dangling from a helicopter or some kind of drone flying machine. Towards the middle of the clip the lights look like theyre blowing back and forth from a cord or rope.

  4. I'm always suspicious when the photographer keeps zooming out and doesn't keep it focused on a closeup, I can see zooming out once to let the viewer get a sense of the surroundings but when you're zoomed out more than you're zoomed in makes me think they don't want you to get a clear look at whatever it is, or you may figure out it's just a plane coming toward you. I don&#

  5. At least YouTube's thirdphaseofmoon had the decency to credit Joe Kiernan of Myrtle Beach SC, USA, for that footage. Search for "UFO Sightings Live Stream From UFO Hunter Incredible Footage Watch Now! 2013", then start at 5:10 into that video, and you'll see for yourself. Shame on 🙁

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