Bill Clinton Shares His Thoughts On UFOs & Aliens With Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Clinton Thinks Space Alien Invasion Would Unite Humanity

Bill Clinton has interest in space aliens. The former U.S. president discussed extraterrestrial life and among other things in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Clinton admitted that he had his personnel research Area 51 during his administration. Area 51 was hidden to the public for many years until its existence was officially confirmed recently by the CIA as the Nevada military facility. The highly guarded facility is being thought by many UFO enthusiasts as the place where space UFO technology has been experimented together with some space alien beings. Clinton said that he wanted to make sure there was no alien down there so he had his aides research the military facility.

He further revealed during the interview that he was interested in Roswell, New Mexico as well. Roswell is the area of the alleged 1947 UFO sighting, which celebrated its 50th anniversary during the administration of Bill Clinton.

Clinton told Kimmel that he had the Roswell papers and everything related to it reviewed. When ask if he saw that there were aliens there, would he tell the people, he answered yeah while nodding. He continued saying that he believes human race is not alone given the vast size of the universe and the constant discovery of new planets.

Clinton said that he would not be stormed if one day space aliens will visit Earth but he is hoping that it would not be like the “Independence Day.”

Clinton discussed some potential advantages of alien invasion to humanity, framing his argument around the sci-fi movie, which became a big hit in 1996.

He said that alien invasion maybe the only way to unite the increasingly divided world of mankind. A threat from space invader would make the differences among people around the world small, Clinton explained.

The former United States president appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He ended up discussing, among other things, extraterrestrial life.

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