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Your UFO reports: 29th March –  5th April 2014
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Fresno, California 6 April 2014
8pm sony trv-103 with and without night vision from 20-200 zoom. ISS space station is scheduled tonight but never in my life seen it with a hole in the middle or dark spot! what is wrong here? government nasa cover up!
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada – April 4th, 2014, at ~9:30 pm
I was taking my dog out and I was noticing how clear the night sky was. When I came inside I let my fiance know, and as I was pointing it out inside the house. Through the window, I thought I saw a shooting star (still not sure if it was a shooting star?). We went outside on our deck (south facing), admiring the sky, and all of a sudden we saw two dots, they almost looked liked birds at first, but the spacing between them was uniform and they were semi-reflective, ‘whiz’ by….moving faster than a plane but NO sound. They crossed the sky from west to east. Then not more than a couple of minutes later, we saw 4 dots, exactly the same as the previous two…all uniform spacing between dots, and moving again, west to east, and as they moved east we saw them move into a formation…almost like a diamond shape. It was very surreal. Still not sure if it was a UFO but I feel like I should report it, maybe someone else observed a similar thing!
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Steubenville, Ohio – april 3 2014- 3:45 am
I was laying in bed and I started seeing a flashing light on the wall coming through the blinds, so I went to the window and I saw what I thought was the full moon and it was blinking and I kept saying to myself its the moon but then I thought why would the moon be blinking that makes no sense. It also seemed larger and brighter than the moon. I noticed that beyond the trees the house down the hill from me had turned their lights on too, so I assume they saw it to. I yelled for my son to come but by the time he came upstairs it as gone, and the weird thing was that once it disappeared there was no moon so it must of been something else. I looked online and facebook to see if anyone else saw it but there was nothing. Nothing on the news as well. All I know is it was there one minute gone the next and blinking, and it scared the hell out of me!
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Singapore – 1.4.14 3pm
Captured clocking UFO?
Video using iphone 5
Location: Vivocity Sentosa Harbour View, Singapore
Date: 1/4/14 about 3pm
I have uploaded actual original clip
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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 1st April, 2014 at 12.55pm
UFO heading South-West near Taylors Hill, Australia
Plenty of activity in and around Taylors Hill recently. Here’s another video that shows an unidentified flying object flying over the clouds. The UFO was spotted at 12.55pm on the 1st of April 2014.
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Schliern, Bern, Switzerland – 31 March 2014
31st March 2014 2230hrs Schliern, Bern Switzerland.
bright white light with lime greenish hue behind, slight trail behind it, moving swift, not fast nor slow towards local hill covered with trees. Witnessed moving silently in a straight line only, towards wooded area, from over agricultural/arable fields. Too slow for small aeroplane, too fast for lantern. Too low for aircraft too in this village.The camera photocard I normally use, and stored photos of where I saw the UFO is not opening up as usual – I cannot, strangely, open the photos for you, I find this very strange.
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Athens, Vermont – Mar,23,14
On 3 seperate times I have seen Orb shaped lights in the sky doing manuvers that are un natural flying from one end of the night sky to the total oposite in a fraction of a second I am Afraid of talking about this but am sick of not knowing the truth my 16 year old also saw them as I woke him up last time I saw them about 1 AM Mar 23rd 2014
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 Aurora, Colorado – March 19, 2014. 12:40 am (midnight)
While driving home I spotted a UFO hovering high in the skies over Aurora, Colorado. It was an amber/white orb that seemed to have a bit of a tail. I grabbed my camera and started filming. You can view the video at the link below, and you’re welcome to embed it on your site and share it with the world.
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St Louis, Missouri – 12-2013 – 3-2014
I have so much footage of these guys, its ridiculous. I was planning on putting it all out but circumstances changed. I can assure you its them.
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N Earlestown,19mls.E,of Liverpool. – feb.21,2014,tues.late pm.
This was hovering,under,800yds.,to SW,8-10,000ft.,alt.,looking like a large,higgledy piggeldy,Venus!However,it has a large black shroud,around most of it,and is an alien lightship. See vid.,on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton, SDV_0388.MP4, or if censored,try, Robert [email protected],on Twitter, or,Google,Robert Newton ufo, with pic’s.,also!19mls.W,of Manchester.
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Leigh on Sea, Essex – Feb 2014 7pm approx
I opened my back door at around 7 pm one evening in February and looked south/west direction to the sky above a tall tree line, eye level and saw coming towards me from the west some bright red lights, as it got closer I saw a circular object with red lights around the bottom of it, coming towards me. Top slightly domed with red lights around the bottom, several red lights. It was not a plane or a helicopter and made no sound. As it got closed towards me above the trees, which are no more than 1/4 mile away the object stopped and started to sway from left to right and then a white light beam came down from the bottom of it towards the ground and then the object went straight down below the tree line and my vision, so I lost sight of it. Just afterwards I thought I heard faint screams!
Of course that may not have been connected. I wonder if you have heard other reports of this object? It was very clear and unmistakable, seemed very solid.
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France – 2014
Strange unidentified flying object i discover in france!
The u.f.o. I saw a few years ago above baarn first i thought it was a thunder than i realize it was like hearing a plane breaking the sound barrier than suddenly i saw this object above my head for about half hour without moving from the position and believe me that was not a military object i am the only one who knows what did happen there .the u.f.o. Came exactly down on this place !!!,5.2826895,713m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c640338f957bfb:0xc49b092dfa46820f
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Orlando, Florida – multiple
3 sightings in Orlano Area between 2012 and 2013
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Caldwell, Idaho – Saturday afternoon 2pmMST. 7/23/2009
My wife and I were in our pool and we both looked up and say a round cylinder in the sky not far above out home. It also had a round ring around it that was moving opposite direction of the cylinder.
We watched it move across the sky at about the speed of a small aircraft. And stop dead in the sky for a half an hour about a mile away. I call the air force base in Mt Home to tell them.
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Leetsville, Michigan – 5 miles north of Kalkaska, MI – 1960’s
Everyone in my family has seen UFOS except for my Dad. My brother saw one in the daytime sitting in a field on top of the hill. We drove up there to check it out and found nothing. We went back on foot to where we first observed it and it was gone. My brother who saw it come down said it was shaped like a big silver cigar with one wing. Then I saw one during a snow storm and it had a short row of red lights and a long row of blue lights that did not flash. They went out and and you could see the typical saucer silhouette. I waited for an explosion and we called the police to see if any small plans had gone down and nothing. That spring I was rock hunting anong the railroad tracks and found some heavy sparkly metallic looking stones that look like the edges had melted. I sold some to a guy in Pennsylvania and I said meteorite???…….no……uranium……………..
but I will give you $15.00 so I sold it………..the big piece I kept but left behind at a rental in Hagerstown , MD. Then my buddy and I was out fishing near Leetsville on big Wheeler lake and it was pitch dark and back then no electric lights for at least 3 miles in all directions. Well my AM radio got real loud and was buzzing real loud and changing pitch. I noticed in the cloudless pitch black sky overhead was a glowing V shaped craft that would zip forward at incredible speeds and then come to a standing stop. I changed channels but the buzzing was on all of them. The neighbors yelled out that we was scaring their grandkids and threatened to call the police. We rowed back to the house so my Dad could finally see one but by the time we got there it was gone. Not too far to the north of that sighting people have reported bigfoot sightings twice in the past few years and when we was kids a big black panther ran out in front of the car my mom was driving. Pretty kewl area to grow up in………….I sooooooooo bad want to see such things !!! Swear to God……….all true.
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