Daylight UFO over Vancouver, Canada – April 2014 Special Report

UFOs over British Columbia, Canada, have been documented photographically since as early as the 1930s. In April 2014 two videographers residing within the southwestern region of the province undertook a road trip between the Okanagan and the city of Vancouver to record three UFO incidents over a five day period using multi-sensor camera arrays.

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  1. We all know BC is an hot spot, extremely interesting area, but as a professional photographer and video specialist since 30 yrs I have to say this clip is one of the worst job I ever saw, sorry to say that, but that might help those guys to do it better next time

  2. Daytime footage just looks like high altitude foil balloon drifting with sunlight catching it as it rotates.<br />Night time footage just looks like another satellite with panels which catch the sun , think about the angles of reflection even a few hours after dusk and similar before dawn at that altitude ?. More so during summer hours or darkness ?, I see several doing same here on a really

  3. I have to agree, Giorusski. That was hard to watch as it was so badly put together. <br />And why not put the script above or below the camera so he didn&#39;t have to keep looking over to the right? <br /><br />In any case, some good clips.

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