Local People At A Small Town In Germany Inaugurates UFO Landing Pad

UFO landing
A German town was busy inaugurating the UFO-Landeplatz or UFO Landing Place over the weekend. The event featured a party of all kinds of people including comedians, local politicians, and sciences buffs. The inauguration was designed to be more fun than the expected intergalactic diplomacy.

A circle was marked off in Gottingen, Lower Saxony to signify that the area is no longer available for public parking and now for the sole use of alien spacecraft. The area is provided with the international identification of ULP 42, which is widely assumed as UFO Landing Place. People behind the event warned that anyone who attempts to park can do so at their own risk.

According to a local news website, the recent ULP in Lower Saxony is the second one but it is not indicated whether there are other 40 elsewhere.

The same website says the move of the people behind the ULP contributes to the strong implementation of UN Resolution 33/426 of 1978. It is referring to the decision of the United Nations that cares less about the resolution made late 1978 wherein member states are invited to send results of their research and investigations of UFO to the UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy, lobbied the UN in the late 70s to form a dedicated department for organizing UFO investigations worldwide. The UN did not want to go that level but encourage members to send their information about UFOs. After the decision was passed, a coup overthrown Gairy. That was the end of the great UN UFO debate.

The reference to the UN UFO decision made by the local website does not mean Germany is taking UFO stuff seriously. In reality, Germany is one of the countries that paid the least amount of attention about the possible presence of space unidentified flying object.

However, Gottingen officials say they are ready to encounter extraterrestrials. In fact, they are ready to provide night time bus for the transportation of aliens from the landing pad if needed. The custom office is said to have searched someone who can communicate with the extraterrestrial for possible trade agreement.

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  1. Interesting that the pad number is 42 and in Germany. You can reference the documentary "room 237" and the "Shining" to understand what I mean.

  2. by this story i can't tell if Germans are serious or making fun of et's and ufo's. what's interesting is that they have someone who can communicate with et's! is this the only landing pad in the world?

  3. You fellas gots to know o'l fred and the mrs. got a real nice pad, red shag carpet and big cushion leather sofa, paisley chairs and lava lamps. Got a turn table and lots a K.C. and the sunshine band LPs……. And o'l fred is always on the look out for them ufos too……

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