New video of a UFO activity over Newport Beach in California 26-Mar-2014


Submitted by: Jim Martin

Sighting location: Newport Beach, CA
Date: March 26, 2014

Report: Here’s a new submission for review please of new footage shot from my apt in Newport Beach CA on March 18- March 26, 2014.Filmed on March 18 thru March 26, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach CA. The video covers 20+ UFO captures filmed during the day and night. We highlighted select clips with digital filters to enhance the images. The video features various kinds of Orbs, Rods, Cigar ufos, a Morphing UFO, an Orb with Forcefield, and a large Swarm of Cigar UFOs filmed over Newport Beach.

The footage was captured with a Canon 7D camera and Canon Telephoto Lens EF 100-400mm, with 2 extender, and a Sony HX3-NX3 camcorder, with Gen 3 LRS Scout for Night Vision.

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  1. InfamousFanClub, as well as Jonathan Castro are KNOWN HOAXERS! If any of you see their little "group" they all pat each other on the back for their ill attempts. I suggest that any of you browse their comments section, and see who is who in this group.

    • Rubbish. All of my captures are real so are Jonathan's. We film every day it's sunny. I'd suggest you do the same before making accusations. There is no agenda. Im simply filming what I see at my apartment, period.

    • dear Jim, there are no "captures", and this video is totally a joke, do get it ? anyway this website is increasingly publishing any kind of rubbish just to fill up the web, so it might be the right one for your and your friend, and the so called "captures"

    • Its easy to sit around and judge from the bench while the rest of us go out and actually film each day. By comparison have you ever filmed anything or tried to film a ufo ever? If so I would love to see. Otherwise you're just barking from the sidelines.

    • I don't know if you really believe these are UFO's or are just keeping the fact that they are insects from us. There are no such thing as "rods", they have been proven to be insects that are too fast for the camera to catch them, therefore they appear elongated, and the wing flaps appear as a row of appendages. You are capturing something, but they are not UFO's, they are

    • Reflections, you've got to be kidding me. To honestly make this whole video out of reflections would be harder than actually filming the objects. Weak response.

  2. Ok guys my opinion of these balls of light, rods, etc. they are not craft. They are possibly an incorporeal life form. What we see is a glimpse of a small part their true nature. I believe they are interdimensional and we are perceiving them with 3 dimensional thinking. Example a 2 dimensional limited being perceiving length and width only is a flat lander. This being would see our body as

  3. i don't know how you come up with your titles. rods are known earth based insects. that morphing one is i think spider webs between the two wires, with some light reflecting off of it now and then. it sure looks like maybe you have stuck your camera underwater and are filming all kinds of stuff floating in the water! what you have us seeing is alot of bugs.

    • That's incorrect actually. They have not proven rods are insects. Rods recently have been determined to have 4 wings while insects only have two wings. Secondly everything in this video is filmed in the sky. I use a Canon 7D camera and Canon Telephoto lens. This is expensive camera equipment and Im not dunking it in water! The morphing orbs in the video are at 4:50, not the night shot

    • Actually, rods were indeed proven to be insects, but when someone would rather make up their own facts they could be anything they want to believe they are. You are fooling yourself if you believe these bugs are UFO's. As I said above, the camera is not fast enough to pick up the beat of their wings so they appear elongated.

  4. WELL WELL so you guys are just so awesome that you catch such great videos many times over…. because why? oh you are more &quot;aware&quot; and watch the sky more than us i guess? <br />I have been an Air Traffic Controller for 28 years. 13 of them in an actual control tower. I would have to say that I watch the sky quite a bit, being ITS MY JOB. Wanna know how many UFO&#39;s I have seen in

    • cool! did you see the 2 ufos close to the ground? flying above the tower? at the tower? did they go by the windows? i&#39;m intrigued!

    • Dear Anonymous I appreciate your story and you obviously have very impressive credentials. The fact that you saw 2 ufos is amazing. Being an air traffic controller I have no experience compared to you. I respect your opinion and your story. <br /><br />I also appreciate this site and follow it every day like many other ufo fans. This site posts ufo videos from around the world. Just like

  5. You know what sad fact is in your early clips is, that all the birds we saw flying about (I presume they were birds.) know more about this whole U.F.O. thing than we do.!!

  6. When o&#39;l Fred gets to Newport Beach the Mrs. goes to Fashion Island and Fred catches the Catalina flyer to Catalina Island to look at the other species of intelligent life on earth…. Whales and Dolphins.

  7. Thanks for your videos. Where we live, in a nearby city, we have been seeing these visitors, I call them. I also check other web sites which have shown fleets of them coming into our solar system. In one video taken from the ISS, it showed them appearing as a cloud of dust, but when they came into a position where they apparently thought they should be seen, their turned on their lights, as if they passed a line, in sequence which was quite impressing. We are seeing them every evening now. I have a Canon Power Shot SD 900 which has a very sharp lens, take pictures of them while they are overhead. Have not seen any in the daytime.

  8. I see the orbs, but what is are the other things flying past? Is it debris of some kind and what differentiates it from orbs etc. I am sure at what I am supposed to be seeing.
    Lot of work there, every night.

  9. I have seen many u.f.o.s with binoculars, I have seen with my eyes only, I wish I had a means of recording it. I havetried inviting others to watch with me, it takes a lot of patience, and quick responses that are usually late. Recently I seen what appeared to be a booster pulse on what may have been the space station on march 12 at approx. 9p.m. near orians belt that bloomed to the size of the moon but swa nothing on t.v. to collaborate this. It was about 2 minutes in duration and left a circular cloud that drifted in the like of direction of what generated it though significantly slower. Obviously high in altitude but clearly visible, in California spotted by me in la Puente on the day of a presidential visit.

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