VIDEO: Triangle UFO recorded over Bugibba, Malta 2-Apr-2014

triangle ufo
Interesting footage of a triangular-shaped UFO hovering in the night sky above Buġibba, a small town in Malta. This was recorded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014.

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  1. triangular shaped lights don't make a triangular craft, most of the times what you write on this website is misleading sorry

  2. This could be anything. there is never enough info. Was there a noise? Estimated height? How many witnesses? What enquiries were made? What time was it filmed? What kind of camera used?

  3. again! with the word hovering! can't believe this same mistake is on here again within one week! LUFOS get a new editor! just for your information, hovering means an object hanging in one place. do you know what a Harrier jet does? like that! (when it hovers)

  4. Some may be ufo other may be ours. Some of our high tech craft now are very quiet and very stealthy and appear to hover when looking at them head on when it fact the craft is moving forward.

  5. The Secret Government of the USA does make triangular ships for travel in the Earth's atmosphere and piloted by Reptilians and Greys. Hard to believe, I know. There is one human abductee who has been taken underground and shown them by cloned humans, which are also being created by the SG. There are speakers and witnesses with sketches and testimony regarding this phenomenon featured by

    • Hot dang sounds like a extra terrestrial ho down with Sam da Sham…. Bodidly, Padre Veto, The Sheik, Hank the Shank, and good O'l Fred Sausage and the Mrs.!

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