Russian Proton Rocket taken out by a UFO? 16-May-2014


May 16, 2014 – An unmanned Russian rocket Proton-M rocket carrying a European-built satellite Express-AM4P crashed today shortly after lift-off.

Was it taken out by a UFO? Watch it this enhanced video!

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  1. If the video has not been CGI'd, (and who knows what to believe these days) then it is an odd thing to happen unless of course it was a big bird.

  2. dont mess with us aliens is that message primitive compared to these ebes they dont like us playing with nuclear & rocket technology as contaminated the earth with nuclear radioactive reactors dusasters . chernobyl & a chinese one . also if i recall .

    • Those little demons wish they were us. They are primitive liars and wish they were us and hate us don't believe their lying miracles and false wonders; they are nothing new in history, take care that you do not believe the lie!

  3. how silly! that didn't happen! that was a bird! anyways the rocket was failing before the bird flew into it and burned up. the bird did not take it down!

    • How can it be a bird? No IR footage this. It's also not CGI, as the object is visible also on the original RT footage. What's weird is that the object seems to fly by the rocket, but appears to take a bend towards it at the last moment. (Heatseeking missile?) Right after that, there is the malfunction. Space Junk is also out, at that altitude. So what is it? The satellite to be launched

    • my comment backfired, because i've heard so many bird comments. it was wrong and i apologize. no, i didn't think it was a bird. birds don't fly into rockets, they fly away from them.

  4. First of all we need to know what the satellite was for and than maybe we can find out why it was shot down by aliens or our own government. By the way America has aircraft that can do what you just saw.

  5. All I saw was a normal rocket stage transition. This was a very public launch and was reported to have been a success. Why is this so misunderstood, specifically by the american public.

  6. Might that have been a command and control unit for missile launch? Might elders have sent the BB that crossed tracks with it? Thank you.

  7. What a crock-o-shit. Ruskies had a malfunction "boom" it happens. If spooks are involved you'll be the last to know. Same as if it is an alien event. None of you now what's going on anywhere, so we see aliens everywhere from cereal boxes, your closet, to a botched rocket launch. Your theories make about as much sense. I remember when Mr. Lazar was big. Some of you clowns had

    • Was you raised on under pork and rancid beef ? O'l fred once knew a fella that was and he could never quit shakin or slobbering, hope you is doing better than that o'l boy…..

  8. Wow another Quiet but very interesting Video. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this with all of us out there. I know I really appreciate this. Thank you! 🙂 ~ Suzanne G. of Lower Michigan ~

  9. Is it just me, or was there nothing at all wrong with that rocket? I didn't see any malfunction at all, I saw one of the stages burning out and the rocket itself keep going, where in this video does it show a malfunction? They could have just been testing that stage. I saw the object fly past it, but I didn't see any change in the rocket, how exactly was it "taken out?"

    • I concur with this comment. The rocket continued without variation of trajectory. 2 stage rockets are common for low orbit satellites. The anomaly coming from right to left could be from a chase plane turning 180 degree at an angle of roughly 5 degrees. Because the anomaly comes into view roughly 45 miles downrange it will be impossible to manipulate the artifact to the point of recognition.

    • I concur with this comment. Obviously a 2 stage rocket used for low orbit satellites. The anomaly coming in from the right could have been a chase plane. Chase planes are common during a launch and follow the rockets. It appears to me the anomaly made a sharp 180 turn downrange at about 4 degrees The trajectory of the rocket was unchanged as the second stage disengaged from the rocket leaving it

  10. Rosswell was tha Thing<br />It made safe both of us.;—-_—-<br />And u know the star on those JET<br />Massive CHANGE<br />We got<br />CAPTAIN AMERICA<br />PS LIMP BIZKIT

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