Extraordinary UFO over Fresno, California 20-Mar-2014

Fresno UFO
TV report about a strange unidentified flying object recorded by Robert Thorson from Fresno, California. This UFO video was recorded on 20th March 2014.

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  1. Nothing unusual with its flight could be any conventional sausage shaped ufo painted metallic the proof is in the eatin.<br />

  2. Very interesting, the only thing I can think of is a weather balloon or some other type of balloon. I know weather balloons flatten out at high altitudes, but why it isn&#39;t moving is strange. Well if it&#39;s not a balloon, then it must be what it looks like, a flying saucer.

  3. I have seen twice ,03:10 AM thinking first it was a sat.. but suddenly almost at cenit it stopped. then begun a slow brilliant flash about 20 minutes. In the minute ten passed a plane coming from Brazil( This is a fix route) the ovni was higher than plane. It get still until day light confuse the observation. No camera ,too high<br /><br />In other footage at 0740 pm the same trail but in Sta

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