Aliens exist? Training future Scullys and Mulders

ufo investigators

Heading West to the Arizona desert. Why? Because the truth is out there, or so believe students of a UFO investigators’ school run by experienced ‘alien detectives’. In this report we find out what it takes to become a budding Mulder and Scully.

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  1. Is them Skully fellas them long head cone head types ? and Mulders ? O'l fred likes watching them boys in the demolition derby in the mud with a nice set a muddin meats……then after fire up the BBQ with Whatsyurbeef and Luigi Linguini…..

  2. yes the truth is there. i appreciate people who want to study this field. they hope to see one themselves so they can believe better, or have proof. well, because i have seen 4 ufos in my life, i already know the truth. i've been believing since i was 12. it's factual, and plain true. ufos exist, aliens exist. i know this.

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