NASA Astronaut: How to disclose UFOs and get away with a smile

brian o'leary

“There is abundant evidence that we are being visited by alien civilizations for a very long time” said Dr. Brian O’Leary on his UFO disclosure interview.

Dr. O’Leary was an outstanding servant of the scientific and astronomical realm. He died in the age of 71 on the 28th of July, 2011. He lived a fruitful life and spent his entire career getting involved in different institutions devoted to the advancement of science and space exploration.

Before his death, Dr. O’Leary made a big claim concerning UFO’s and aliens. That in spite of a rich and captivating UFO evidence found almost everywhere in the world, the truth about UFO’s still remained undisclosed from the public.

The intelligent physicist and former astronaut of NASA said that the thing that might be keeping UFO and Alien phenomenon from surfacing out in the open might have technological implications. The imbalance flight maneuver which all UFO’s displays in many reports and the technology that enable them to travel vast distances at ease, almost like time travel, without the use of gasoline which is one of the deteriorating natural resources of the planet, raises so many big questions. How do they do it? Can we build one? Who are flying these sophisticated pieces of transportation? A never ending list of questions can be written from the UFO mystery.

Those from the top secret government agencies might already have some answers but are sworn to take the account of UFO’s and aliens in deep secrecy in the name of those who dominate the wealth.

Perhaps Dr. O’Leary is the luckiest person today, for telling the world that we are being visited by advanced civilizations who communicate using the technology of consciousness or mental telepathy. He is fortunate for telling the world that these beings uses co-rotating magnetic discs in their ships which create its own anti-gravity propulsion system to fly and navigate through space. He is blessed to have known what is meant by “isolated-gravitational field” and “electro-gravitational field” which he said with enthusiasm during his interview.

Maybe he is one of those who are sworn to secrecy but got so much excited by these UFO subjects that he could not resist himself of telling the world what he knew and yet he got away with it, with a smile on his face.

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