UFO activity filmed over Belgrade, Serbia 6-Jun-2014

ufos over serbia
More than 20 orange UFOs were recorded flying across the night sky above Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia.
This was recorded on 6th June 2014.

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  1. I correct my argument about the moon phase. The declination should be appropriate, if the video had been taken on last Saturday and Sunday evening. (around 35 deg of elevation, looking roughly south) Although the moon is just over half "full", the near round shape of it seen in the video will be due to pixel overflow, optical deficiencies and the fairly wide-angle this has been filmed

  2. i think the triangle shape is very significant in the ufo phenomena with one trailing behind i certainly never counted 20 ? maybe they have lanterns there now most countries do theyd probably be some type of chinese community settled there . ?

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