Black UFO Passes Across Between Earth and the Moon


On rare super moon event on July 12, it became stranger when an unidentified flying object was spotted and captured in a video passing by the lunar surface.

The video shows a black circle flying across the moon. Based on the quality of the video, it seems that the videographer was equipped with high-tech tools for capturing the object.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said that the video is interesting as it shows black circle moving without noise across the moon. He added that the guy who captured the video has a powerful equipment to catch the UFO. He explained that the UFO does not look to be flying over the moon but passing between the Earth and the Moon.

Waring noted an old video of similar UFO captured by the Italian astronomer. This particular UFO was moving across the surface of the moon back in 29th of April 2007. Waring pointed out that these two videos have captured similar UFO.

The July supermoon was 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than average full moon. It was the first of three summer supermoons in 2014. The video of a large, mysterious aerial object crossing the supermoon was posted to YouTube by Crrow777 titled “UFO With Magnetic Halo Passes Super Moon.”

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  1. Too bad it doesn’t appear to go any farther, blocking out any stars for example! And I’m surprised this type of thing doesn’t happen more often with all the “stuff” orbiting our planet.

  2. Ok…large presentation type your face advertising …and to top it all , very pretentious self portrait all over it…
    Vomit !..please ?..wanna be famous ?.
    Only here for the ufo footage not self indulgence..
    closed it after the intro…
    All that and all for the 2 seconds of black circle across moon.
    More footage and less self indulgence .

  3. Think you for the time and effort you put in this, only a very few people can do this, so you are special. as for the sceptics I do not see their work here just their comments bashing your work is all they know.

  4. My old man was 8 or 10 and living in Ada, OK. when just at sunset he looked up at the moon and watched “a boxcar shaped black object” pass between the earth and moon. He said he did not report what he saw for fear of being punished for being a liar. As l recall his story, the object passed from north to south…slowly…. and covered only a portion of the moon. I believe it may have been in the summertime as his brother and sister were playing in the yard with him…shortly after moonrise. I listened to this story many times and he never expanded on it or attempted to explain it. He was in the US Navy in WW l and later in life he learned of the huge explosion in Siberia and he said perhaps the two events were connected. I belive he said this happened in 1908. Jjavaman1 at gmail. I have looked for confirmation on this since 1958. Nothing to date.

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