Witness Claims To Have Seen A Bright UFO Diving at Mach 1 Speed

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A lighted craft hovered around a mile in altitude and strangely made a nosedive toward the ground level at approximately Mach 1 speed was observed by a Texas resident at Dallas, according to Case 58379 in July 25, 2014 from Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database of witnesses.

The event started around 11 p.m. on 13th of June 2014 while the witness was walking towards home from a workout in the gym at Northcliff and Buckner streets, near Hexter Elementary School.

According to the reporting witness, the sky was clear with a full moon and no usual noise from city traffic as well as no wind. As the witness was walking back to his house, he noticed a lighted craft above Northlake near Peavy. The UFO was within the usual flight route of airplanes from south Texas and landing at Love Field. However, the witness believed that no more scheduled South Airline flights left for that night.

As the object stopped and hovered, the witness also stopped and looked at the mysterious aerial object. In his report, the craft was similar to a large corporate jet when it comes to size as he estimated the craft was around a mile straight up. The witness claimed he has an idea on airplanes’ altitude and speed to confirm this particular sighting’s altitude, size and speed.

The witness described the lights of the object as extremely bright having red and green as the most beautiful to see. The lights were strangely arranged with red lights on the front pulsated every two seconds while the green lights were steady and appeared in two sides.

The witness started to think that it was not an ordinary craft when he noticed the object circled and did move similar to a stroke of number eight. It then hovered and made a sound similar to an electric motor brush. The object then suddenly made a nosedive toward the ground level. There was no sound when the object dives in at tremendous speed.

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  1. this sounds strangely like what the crop circle ufos do,minus the lights and the fact that was in the middle of a city.

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