Dramatic encounter between an aircraft and 3 UFOs

1975 ufo

One of the most important encounters between UFOs and airplanes was held by captain Carlos Antonio de los Santos on May 3, 1975 over Tequesquitengo, MOR, Mexico. He did not only found UFOs in the air but they also controlled his plane.

Find out more information in the video below!

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  1. Wow, never heard of this one before. Sounds like a true encounter of the mysterious kind. I believe him. But , What were they? Where are they from? Who can know?

  2. This man sounds really credible as he can recall this frightening episode without hesitating as if to make up the story. It’s odd that this is finally coming out now, but pilots are often the first and best witnesses to report close encounters.

  3. absolutely the captain was shocked of the three objects near the plane he was within, hum wonder if the near by country would ever come forward and explain the reversed engineered saucers or why they would approach a plane that did not have that tech advancement, also possibly knowing of the duress a person seeing the new tech would comprehend such a flying object .

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