1. This is cleary a balloon.
    Ive seen once in my live an UFO at 40 meters, they only move vertically when climbing and at a very fast speed

  2. I have been involved with letting go shiny mylar balloos and Chinese hot air balloon lanterns. The pattern this object makes is exactly like a balloon carred away by wind currents.

  3. this object is definately a typical ufo i think its an authentic video thank you for posting it jaimie mausson wouldnt have wasted his time in commentating on this vidoer if he didnt think it was genuine he.s an authority on the subject for few decades .

  4. Could someone please give their views on why UFO video evidence almost always features objects in the air and at a distance far enough away, as to make the images often inconclusive ? What the heck is wrong with these aliens ? Why don’t they just land somewhere near to a major metropolis and end the speculation and put earthlings at ease at last ? Does tantalisingly ” just-out-of-reach” simply mean ” fake ” in English ?

    Comments welcome

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