Alien Abductions: The Frightening Future for Mankind

Dr David Jacobs Alien Abductions

Alien abduction is not simply an ordinary phenomenon to handle, especially when you are inside that strange picture. Professor David Jacobs is one of the experts who looks into these eerie cases for humanities’ sake.

Abductees are being tagged as delusional psychopaths that tend many people rather shy away in discussing the matter. But Professor David Jacobs claims that the alien abduction is happening for real and it involves a much sinister truth and therefore it must be sincerely and intelligently dealt to be able to understand.

Dr. David Michael Jacobs is a retired associate professor at Temple University in Pennsylvania. He has a considerably high profile in ufology and has specialized himself in the investigation and study of alien abductions. He has already authored four major publications, conducted lectures and taken part in radio and television shows concerning alien abductions, since 1975 up to present. Professor Jacobs has already investigated approximately 1100 abduction cases and interviewed over 150 witnesses of the fourth kind. Studying alien abductions is already a great part of his life, and his research has leaded him to come up with incredible, but shocking conclusion.

Abductees have an unusual experience with the fourth kind, all with two to four hours of their time they could not recall. Experiences are only unlocked through hypnosis, and this procedure is where Dr. Jacobs gets his most startling findings.

Dr. Jacobs’s numerous patients told him that aliens are conducting medical-like procedures on them like taking male’s sperm and extracting female’s eggs. Some also recall being impregnated with alien fetuses and nursing alien infants. Jacobs categorized these procedures as physical, reproductive, and mental procedures. The method starts where alien gaze very closely at an abductee’s eyes or even touch an abductee’s forehead to examine the host. Grey aliens are the typical alien race associated with these types of body-snatching, said Professor Jacobs.

Abductees are sometimes taken in groups. A group of strangers or friends and sometimes a whole family and when the hosts return to their consciousness, strange marks, injuries and scars that formed overnight are identified in their body, a biological impossibility that Dr. Jacobs had seen with his eyes. Until today, questions why aliens perform laboratory-like procedures to their human hosts remain unanswered, but Dr. Jacobs has his inconvenient truth for that matter, and his side of the truth is not that pleasant.

Ufologist John E. Mack presents a positivist point of view where he describes extraterrestrials as a friendly race that helps us humans in our evolution. Meanwhile, this is in contradiction with the hypothesis of Dr. David Jacobs on alien abductions.

He strongly claims that aliens are interbreeding with humans through the execution of reproductive experiments; use the human body as a medium to make hybrids and exploit the human species to another alien species.

This implication is what Professor David Jacobs fear the most for the human species. Humans used as hosts for hybrid aliens, the exploitation of human genetics and use the human population for other equally horrifying things as being invoked as a human laboratory guinea-pig.

Professor Jacobs believes that there are alien species that intent for inter-planetary dominion and we humans are denying that fact and replacing it with hopes that aliens might someday turn out to be friendly but why aliens conduct experiment on humans is something that we still do not know.

If you believe that aliens are friends, Dr. David Jacobs still has more evidence that will prove your idea wrong.

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  1. I surely believe that it’s a good possibility that proff. Jacobs. is wright about this subject. I hope not but………..

  2. Of course the aliens are NOT our friends! Friends don’t enter your house with stealth, temporarily paralyze you, move you to a laboratory, strip you naked, do painful experiments on you, return you to where they found you, and leave you to deal with the horror and confusion for the rest of your life. These creatures have no souls nor conscience of any kind. They are working toward a goal that suits themselves only. Their reproductive and digestive systems have atrophied. They are trying to “blend” with us so that they can eat, reproduce, and thrive on the planet they have chosen for their new home…Earth. We’re just in the way.

    • Yes, that is right.
      We all need to know that NONE of the present ET visitors are here to help us. All are here for self interest only. It is necessary, to prevent alien take over of our world, that enough people become aware of this in time to reverse their growing power over us.
      The first step is awareness.

  3. Are we not experimenting with DNA, altering genes etc?
    Why do people think it strange that there may be aliens who are tinkering with our and their own genetics? We should keep an open mind, after all, there are too many reports with similar if not identical happenings, for them all to be disillusional fold, prone to suggestion. We are preparing to venture into the universe ourselves and we are still at the bottom of the technological ladder. A superior intellect may, as Prof. Kaku says, treat us as ants, to be trodden on or ignored.

  4. O.k. look at it this way why do we also have so many livee stock being cut open and all there organs taken and no one can find a reason why. Well if they are doing us why not the livestock they are changing things everyday. To blend in with us and who really knows what is going to happen maybe good or bad we will just have to wait and see. Good luck to us all.

  5. Interdimensional beings the same that ancient text and biblical text refer to as the fallen angels. They corrupted the human gene pool during the antediluvian period. The Universal Creator brought the flood to cleanse the earth of the vermin they created. Noah and his family were spared his blood line and genetic pool was pure. This bunch of vermin ridden roaches are back to decieve and corrupt, those who are not informed and who are naive will accept them as saviors when times get tough. The true Savior who sacrificed himself on the cross for the human race will return and escort them to the dimensional realm where they belong.

  6. Our DNA has been altered many times is the past. We are the offspring
    of the ELOHIM which stated “Let Us Make Man In Our Image After our
    Likeness. Man was already here in hominid form. Then they created ADM
    (not ADAM). ADM in hebrew means a new kind of creature.
    Now a new group of gods has moved in to earth.

  7. When you consider human actions against humans,bombing unarmed civilians etc…who are we to point the finger,about atrocities!!!

  8. There is only one group of people who kill each other and want to kill all Jews and Christians.Answer-MUSLIMS-Hamas.They may come with different names but they read the same book.Why do we help any of them?Ask President Obama?Why?

  9. i just saw a short newscast feature on mosquitos. a man was studying them to see how they spread diseases. it was very interesting to see how the mosquitos were manipulated in all kinds of ways. it reminded me right away what aliens do to humans when they abduct us. we are mosquitos to aliens.

    • I wish people like you would give up your bigoted thinking. Only when we all learn to accept our differences will peace reign. I am CHristian, ny son is SCottish – and became a Muslim to marry an Indonesian girl. They don’t drink, take drugs nor do they commit terrorist atrocities. Get yourself a decent education and pull yourself away from thinking like a Neanderthal.

  10. First we have to truly understand what we are dealing with here.
    These beings are very old and while they may possess a higher intelligence they certainly lack some capacities that humans have.
    There greatest weapon is there influence on the mindset of humanity.

    Second there are many races of these beings and certainly a hierarchy.
    They are brought into our dimension by our negative emotions such as fear, anger, greed, ect.
    They seem to enter our dimensions during the lunar phases because the veil is thinner then, especially the full and new moons.
    The progression of humanity and the systems and advancements has in a way reinforced the opportunities for these beings.
    They definitely have a plan, but these abductions are only one part of it.
    The focus should be on the decisions that humanity has made in the past and the ones that we have left.
    We could adopt a new time line and have a radically different earth.

    Third we have to change ourselves such as how we think and live.
    We have to move to a resource based society.
    Dismantle capitalism and all governments.
    We have to start over with two simple goals.
    First goal is to live in PEACE with one another.
    Second goal is to live in HARMONY with the earth.
    If we adopt the right mindset we can do it but it will take our collective consciousness.

  11. That was the bad ones. I and my comrades would not do a thing like that! If we met one of yous in person and you asked to join us on are ships we would take you but it is against are moral will and the laws of are clans to interfere with someone’s life against their will! It is wrong and we have stopped the bad one from doing it. Peace be with you! God bless.

  12. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. The EBEs (so called ETs) are the offspring of fallen angels who’ve perverted the DNA of many humans by splicing it with other creatures. They are here on this little planet , mostly underground and will take you at anytime; the lunar phases mean nothing to them and YOU mean nothing to them. They want to divert you from faith and hope to fear and chaos. I have been taken too many times and even looked out the windows of their craft from low altitude to far above the earth. The stinking and ugly bastard children of Satan do not take you just once ; they return and take you again. It would take much space for me to relate what I know by DIRECT experience. The memories , by the way , are not revealed just through hypnosis….

  13. Gary Pricer , though your comment has nothing to do with this subject , you are correct. I see you are awake and aware.

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