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Your UFO reports: 19th June –  26th July 2014
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Jane, Missouri – july 26 2014
At approximately 10:35 P.M I was sitting alone in my back yard texting a friend on my phone. Upon completion of the text i put my phone down and looked up and OMG what the hell is that I asked myself. There was very long boomerang shaped (football field sized at least) unknown object above my head moving from east to west, with a long continuous row of sorted lights and a couple lights on each wing tip that twinkled not really flashing per say moving silently at almost a snails pace across the sky above me not making a sound approximately twice as high as a tree above my.head. Wtf I asked myself. I watched it until it was gone which was way too quick for me. when my room mate came outside he said he had went back in for 5 mins so it took this object about 4 Minutes to travel a meer meaning feet not miles until it disappeared behind the hill due west of my proximity. just across the highway. Wow what an experience. I’m sorry I was astounded i didn’t think to video or snap a picture.
But I know I seen.
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Tokat, Turkey – 26 July 2014
turkey-ufoTaken at 11 pm.
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Longview TX 7/22/14
While outside, I notice the lights of this strange craft. I notice it as it hovers only a hundred yards away above the trees around my house. This craft changes its light configuration many times making for a pretty interesting sighting.
Youtube video link:
East Texas UFOs
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Off coast at Libcokn City Oregon – 7-17-14 aprox, 2:30 AM off of Building “D” of resort
Second night at resort and was having difficulty sleeping. I sat at the window watching the waves. I saw a red/orange light out in the distance. It did not seem to move but did seem to go off and on.
I then opened the sliding glass out of the way to eliminate reflected glare from possible other sources. I still observed the light off in the distance of about 5 miles, although it was hard to know for sure at night. I was staring at this light which I had believed was a floating channel or land marking bouie when a white orb appeared next to it. It was 3/4 the size of a dime at that distance and much larger than the other lights I had been watching. It seemed to hover for about 5 seconds and made an upward curve and disappearing strait up through the clouds in less than 1 second. I do not know the height of the clouds. The original lights I saw were still there so I concluded they must be a marker being jostled around by the waves. I could not see any marking bouie at daylight.
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Lake Worth, Florida – July 11th 2014
I was taking a photo of the big moon on the 16th of July. I took several photos and then came in and noticed this orb flying around the moon from left to right.
Covington, Tn – July 2014
UFO’s, In our airspace in Covington ‘Tn. around noon I video and snap pictures of many UFO’s and a big one formatting clouds and camouflaging themselves in the clouds as they travel going south. Each dark metallic dot on these pictures are UFO’s. On my video they moved side to side up and down as I played video in slow motion. UFO’s are at the very top of video, so download video and watch them yourself in slow motion.
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Winnipeg – June 28th 2014
A major UFO event . I have captured something like this only 2 other times in 2 years or filming . A few UFOs are at the upper left side of the screen until about the :34 second mark when an explosion of activity happens .
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Phoenix, AZ – June 4, 2014
Captured these photos on my ride home from work, while riding the city buses of Phoenix Metro. There are some water spots on the windows of the buses, but the UFO images are pretty straightforward nonetheless.
phoenix-ufo phoenix-ufo-3
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Winnipeg , Canada – Most of my life , with a lot of activity in the last 6 yrs
canada ufoThis isn`t really a UFO sighting , although there is a UFO in this video . It is made up of images of what has happened to me in the last few years . The last event was on May 24, 2014 , where I went to the back window to take some picture of a thunderstorm & Lightning moving through above me in the area  and snapped off 3 shots just with my cellphone .  I looked at them a few minutes later only to find a UFO in the sky ( My Mufon abduction case worker sent the images to a meteorologist and he said that ” The image has nothing to do with lightning or atmospheric conditions of any kind ” ) and ET`s on the ground in my backyard !! and get this , on the peak of my neighbours garage  wearing some form of cloak ! a cloak ?? are you kidding me ?? This things dark oily arm was hanging over the edge of the garage  looking straight ahead at me . The main et that is in these pictures and near the cedars on the left  is about 7-8 feet from the window where I was standing . This could not be a
coincidence , i`m pretty sure they “made me ” get up from the couch and come to the back window . And this was in the middle of the afternoon as well .  The rest of the images in the video are self explanitory. I didn`t ask for this and it tooks many , many years before I told anyone about what was going on , and even now only a few people close to me know what happened. There are members of my own family that I haven`t told for fear of being labeled , as most abductees do . This is the very first time I have ever shown these images to anyone , I still wish to remain anonymous . This case is being investigated by 2 of the top UFO & ET abduction investigators in the world . Their names can be provided if someone wants proof. I have an open Mufon case file in my name .   Thanks …
The video is below—
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  1. phoenix arizona,Jimmy; you say the ufo pics are pretty straightforward. no, they are not. where is the ufo? i see many water and dirt spots, and light reflections in the windows of the bus. that’s it.

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