Former HUD Assistant Secretary Reveals U.S. Navy Strategic Plan On Extraterrestrial Life On Earth


Former assistant secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Catherine Austin Fitts revealed the U.S. Navy was commissioning Arlington Institute in 1998 to form a plan in preparing for a world where alien life exists. Fitts released a document on July 4, 2013 supporting her claims.

She says the plan was commissioned by U.S. Navy undersecretary and was conducted by the Arlington Institute, a non-government organization. The NGO is located near the Pentagon, where Fitts served on the Board of Directors. The goal was to prepare the Navy for a world where extraterrestrials live among humans. She claims that she was asked to assist with the plan by head of the Arlington Institute John Peterson and given an opportunity to meet a living alien, but she turned down the offer.

However, Arlington Institute, through the organization’s president John Petersen, repudiated Fitts claims. Members of the Board of Directors also denied Ms Fitts version of events and said that they did not recall any meetings where she was present and the extraterrestrial life issue was discussed.

Fitts released what she claims official minutes of the Board of Directors meeting in 2000 held at the Arlington Institute in her website. According to Fitts, she published the minutes in the spirit of Independence Day and also because she learned that her claims were contradicted by members of the board.

Meanwhile, Peterson confirmed that Fitts did participate in Arlington Institute’s project that was commissioned by the Navy and the extraterrestrial contact matter was slightly discussed as a wild card possible scenario in the future. However, Peterson pointed out that the U.S. Navy did not commission a strategic plan to prepare the public for space alien contact as what Fitts has been claiming.

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  1. Preparing the Public? I have wondered why in the last 3 years or so that there are so many shows covering the subject of UFOs and Aliens. Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters, Close Encounters, etc., etc. The constant thrusting of the subject to the forefront on the History Channel, as well as others, makes you wonder, if someone is trying to tell us something.

  2. I found that when I looked up the under water cavern on Google it was there, but then when I returned it had been taken off, the view had been obscured. I dont know if this is alien or a US submarine base.

  3. This alien/human living on earth together shit is very old news! We the dumb people are gonna keep drinkin fluoride spiked water + keep eatin anti-depressants’s & believe what some dumb federal government alien dictator tells us. Then laugh at & cast-out those who have been showing us proof of this, for all years of human written history…

  4. Stay tuned…something coming very soon… to a world near you ! Keep your ears to the ground & your eyes to the sky ! I believe the governments are given up being sly !

  5. Fitts is a talk radio darling in the USA. So if you’re paranoid and can’t sleep at 3 am –– she’s your gal!

  6. whatever government program was implemented has been stepped up, ebola outbreak in South Africa Was No accident, the tip of iceberg

  7. We all should prepare our selfs. goverment know them selfs something going on so they have to be prepared .We should not show sighns of violence if we do we through away thousands of years of alien skills ,violence is very stoneage act.

  8. WE are all offspring of the fallen angels and this is why we HUMANITY are what we are mostly evil..and have to to accept our judgement on the second coming of the lord as these fallen angels . demons .aliens are all one of the same ..

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