Latest crop circles from United Kingdom

crop circles 2014

Video #1:

  • July 26; The Windmill near Quenington, Gloucestershire
  • July 27; Etchilhampton Hill near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire

Video #2:

  • August 4; Trodd’s Copse near Tichborne, Hampshire
  • Cow Down near East Kennett, Wiltshire

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  1. Them folks is givin the mrs. ideas for the lay out on sausage pizza, a gal could lay out some sausage, pepperoni, and all the goodies on a giant pan oven baked pizza pie, take some photos and send em into that alien show spiked hair fella, maybe he’d discuss it with that other fella who talks with a long drawl and wears a hat like indiana jones…..

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