UFO spotted in Ukraine; Photos released

ukraine UFO 1
First photo of a UFO over Ukraine

A photo release of an unidentified flying object hovering above the city of Izmail, southwest of Ukraine was made available for the public as seen in MUFON’s witness reporting archive.

The witness shot two photographs of the unknown object taken six seconds apart. The photos were taken on July 14, 2014 at about 6:31 in the morning as the witness stepped outside of their balcony.

The object hovered silently above the city no bright lights, but the witness observed strange plasma-like air discharge around the UFO. MUFON International is investigating the case to shed light on the sighting.

datime Ukranian UFO
Second photograph of the Ukranian UFO sighting
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  1. Original, unedited, photos off the camera. Please.

    Photoshopping is soooo easy.

    Unless we have the originals, there’s no way to verify….

    • It’s definitely real – ’cause there’s no point in faking such featureles shots. Those who fake usually can’t but liven something up to make it look better than life. Besides, here in Ukraine no one seems to be in the mood for that sorta’ things nowadays.

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