Mike Clelland: UFO Abductions

alien abductions

Mike Clelland began his study of the UFO abduction phenomenon in 2006 as a way to better understand his own personal experiences. This act of looking unleashed a flood of synchronicities as well as intense owl sightings. These events have been the focus of his ongoing research. Both owls and profound synchronicities seem to play a guiding role in the direct experience of some abductees, this connection points to a deeper reality at play in these mysteries. By looking at these elusive and often ignored aspects of the abduction lore, something truly mystical seems to be revealing itself.

Mike Clelland presented “Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” at the 2nd Extraterrestrial Communication Conference” on June 28th, 2014 at Leeds Metropolitan University

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  1. ha i watched this right to the end and he said that watch in the next 24 hours you might have something weird happen… ok laughing about the owl situation i jokeingly said to my hubby great im going to start seeing owls outside now, but i watched this on the internet HA! thinking i had it beat… i open my fb page and refresh to see the fun new things i got on my page and sure enough to my bloody suprise theres a picture that my uncle posted of six owls… you win… just cause you watched it on the net doesent mean you wont see an owl after watching it….. thought it was so funny had to put my coment in lmao

  2. I’d say Mike was seeing Owls transformed from ET’s. This way they were connecting with him as it was the easiest way to help him “Wake Up”. Owls represent.. as an Animal Totem.. “The Mystery of Magic, Omens, Silent wisdom & Vision in the Night. Power -nocturnal to Year round”.

    • i adore owls. i was biking in my mountain once and i was dive-bombed by a screeching owl! he flew over to the powerline beside the path and let me happily observe him for 10 minutes. it was daytime. i considered myself lucky.

  3. The Vatican per norms hides the truth from the public but the truth is that all those concerned knew for over 100’s of years and now since of late they have casually admitted that UFO’s are real and that extraterrestrials were also created by God and they are advanced in technology far beyond human expectations…..is the Pope also installed by God to rule over unintelligent humans ?!!

  4. The Vatican finally admits that extraterrestrial do exist and they are created by God as well and only humans are created in the likeness of God but technology wise, humans were made less intelligent, is it to be ruled over by a a cunning few ?!!

  5. My synchronicity started when I was about 25 years old living in Lima-Peru, and continued until today. When I was 35 years old and already living in this country for the last 6 years, I had my Spiritual awakening trough the UFO abductions. Since than, the Doors to the “understanding” ( REMEMBERING ) the mysteries of the unknown, the OCCULT had been showing it to me constantly, through different channels of knowledge. I consider myself just one of thousands of people all over the World weakening up to the upcoming of the new reality that this Earth and all the life on it is going to experience in the very near future. Your experiences has done just that to you. Now you’re part of those thousands of us.

  6. This was a well done lecture and very interesting. I’m intrigued yet have similar experiences with synchronicity. I don’t know if I’ve generated what I see and notice …this gives me so much optimism

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