NSA Claim They Can’t Release Non-redacted UFO Files

NSA UFO files

UFO files of National Security Agency (NSA) that were released in the 90s have been requested by John Greenewald, UFO and government secrecy researcher, to be further declassified. After a legal battle, the files were released, but a lot of information was redacted and scratched out. However, Greenewald has been told by NSA that they can’t find one original out of hundreds of pages files about UFO.

This information of response was received by Greenewald related to a request for a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) of the UFO files in NSA’s possession. The agency is required by MDRs to re-review redacted files that were previously released to unredacted information that is recently declassified. This process is similar to the revelation of the name Area 51 last year in CIA documents.

NSA-UFO-Files-1A Yeates affidavit fulfilled the MDR related to the lawsuit requesting NSA’s UFO files to be released in 1980. But NSA informed in writing that they can’t locate unredacted copies or the original files that were reviewed and released to the public.

The Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) has been using the Freedom of Information Act or commonly known as FOIA to ask several government agencies to release their UFO files. CAUs sued the NSA when the latter refused to release their files.

NSA monitors communications around the world as part of its regular functions, making it as an agency with a large amount of UFO files, which are called communications intelligence (COMINT). Hundreds of these files have relation to UFOs. However, the NSA wants UFO files to remain classified.

A 21-page document was submitted to Federal Judge Gerhart A. Gesell by NSA’s Office of Policy chief Eugene F. Yeates in 1980. The document explains why UFO files should stay classified. The Yeates affidavit also remains classified.

Yeates affidavit convinced Gesell that the NSA files should remain classified, even though Gesell didn’t have clearance to access the documents in question. Gesell wrote that the materials are very sensitive to be declassified that could affect national security.

The Yeates affidavit was heavily redacted when it was released. Less redacted Yeates affidavit was released in 1997. UFO researcher Stanton Friedman said that the first released affidavit was around 75% blacked out and the second one was around 20% blacked out.

NSA UFO files
Reducted NSA’s UFO files
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  1. Anyone that reads this post, and/or is familiar with NASA’s perfidy and lying routinely to the public (the public that funds NASA) should be really, really angry, at this point. What right does this publicly-funded entity have, to withold this information from the very people that pay for it’s existence??

  2. Imagine that, files of such importance to national security lost and can’t be found. Laughable. All this fuss just further proves that ufos’s exist and something is worth being covered up. The lady doth protest too much.
    Everything “affects” national security when it’s important to the people…funny how that works

  3. Say now folks if them fellas at NASA is getting o’l freds tax dollars least they could do is ante up and put all them cards on the table.

  4. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers

  5. First, we are talking about the NSA (National Security Agency here and not NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). However, both agencies still have classified documents redacted and non-redacted. The non-redacted documents in time are transferred to the National Archives and if they are considered classified, they retain their classification. By law they are required to be reviewed annually and if not, to be “automatically” declassified. Most agencies live up to the law, reviewing their documents as required by law. This does not mean the choose to declassify them and many remain classified for outdated reasons. What the agencies are not telling the public is that the so-called non-redacted documents not released are still being held within the National Archives Classified Holding Area. When any agency says the only existing copy of a document is the redacted and they no longer have access to the non-redacted document(s), they are lying. God Bless, Cliff

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