UFO sighting over San Diego, California 6-Sep-2014


New video of a bright object or orb flying in the night sky above San Diego, California. This was recorded on Saturday, 6th September 2014.

Witness report: Round quiet quick smooth fast turning object with red blue and white lights then disappears into sky heading north

Outback in Mira Mesa, taking the dog out, then there’s this blue object in sky and it turned quicker and sharper than any other plane or helicopter I’ve seen. It came towards my house, it was about 2-4 houses away, north of me, and then I saw all blue, red, and white lights. There was a helicopter in the sky south of me and they are loud. We thought it was a flying droid thing like Amazon has been talking about but when we ran to front of house to see it better, it disappeared within seconds and never came back.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. What was that? I can submit a dozen of those a week, there’s not enough there to tell what it is. My guess would be an RC copter.

  2. this is strange. i see this coloured dot thing in my sight all the time. it appears quickly, like when you’ve looked at a bright light and you get that dot after in your vision, then it goes away. i get it in all kinds of brightness and darkness. it is this exact colour blue.

    • I stumbled upon this article because my family and I witnessed this exact same thing Monday September 8th at 7:30pm. This took place in Washington State we drove directly underneath this craft. It has white lights on the bottom and it’s triangular. It was 50 feet above us before my Wife got freaked out I drove to my home and filmed it.

      The film I have is clearer, longer and closer than this film. I have a youtube video however I will not share it on this forum it doesn’t due justice to what we saw. I will only share what I have on my phone. Can I please get someone directed to this article to contact me by email.

      I have talked to aviation experts and looked up drones with LED light kids and can’t explain this object. The movement we saw can only be made by an unmanned remotely operated craft but driving underneath this thing it was bigger than my Dodge Ram. Would have been a huge drone in a residential area flying illegally by remote control.

      I would like to remain anonymous but will release my footage to the website.

  3. This is the 2nd time I saw these two objects..

    The 1st was about a month prior to this..

    This time they were brighter & no movement

    Watched for about 20 min then both disappeared..

    I’m in Menifee

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