The Art of Deception and the great UFO cover-up by real-life Men in Black

Are we getting the right facts that we really need to know about UFOs and Aliens? Are we getting informed or are we being deceived?

Aliens; UFOs and the possibility of life on other planets is already a popular thing of our generation today. Unexplained phenomena, sightings and encounters are now a global issue and the evidence is always there for us to find. Everything that we cannot explain or understand can easily be linked to many conspiracy theories involving the United States government, the Illuminati, UFOs, aliens and all of them unbelievably convincing to ones gullible mind. Well, true enough according to a recent documentary called the Mirage Men (Amazon link).

The documentary is about the United States government and its agents fooling the general public about UFOs, aliens and all other bunch of stuffs with their covert operations. The documentary also covers Edward Snowden’s leak of official and undisclosed government documents that include a GCHQ PowerPoint presentation named The Art of Deception subtitled Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operation. The U.S. government wants to create a form of deception, to exchange the truth with lies and lies with half truths. Air Force special officer Richard Doty admits that this kind of operation existed early in the 1970s, and the operation was up for more than two decades. Doty and his colleagues were feeding-up unsuspicious Ufologists and Researchers with lies and half truth, deceiving everyone who gets caught in the conspiracy, and they are very good at selling it.

Richard DOty

These agents are the real Men in Black, but they are not the Men in Black that one would expect in their Hollywood adaptation. Agent Jay and Agent Kay played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones respectively who works as secret agents to save the universe from alien criminals in the sci-fi adventure comedy film Men in Black (MIB) is the complete opposite of how the real-life Men in Black operates.

The Mirage Men discovered many operations to deceive people done by the likes of Doty and his associates, the case of Electronics entrepreneur Paul Bennewitz in 1979 is one classic that Mirage Men set as an example. The businessman lived just a road across Kirtland Air Force base in New Mexico. Bennewitz was fascinated with the strange lights he saw at night close to the base and he was convinced that the lights were coming from non-human sources. He was also picking up weird signals in his radio equipments and from there his mere observations became a serious research of his. He spent long hours studying the sky, scouring for UFOs and aliens; he also started spying on the base on their radio transmissions and communications to look for clues and explain for himself the events that he sees at night. Little did he know the air force have him on surveillance, and they know what Bennewitz is doing but instead of making him stop the air force played along. Doty Richard and other military officials pretended to give interest to Bennewitz study. They gave him fake computer software that interprets the weird signals, fake instruments that don’t really do anything. Within a few years, Bennewitz was already interpreting alien languages, spotting crash sites from his plane and sounding off the alarm for an alien invasion. The UFO and alien craze dominated his life and in 1988, Bennewitz was entered into a psychiatric care facility by his family.

The Men in Black are capable of doing such covert operations and they have done this for decades in the past and there is a possibility that they are doing it now. Feeding misleading information to gullible researchers and all they have to do is to wait for the researchers to figure out crazy stuffs along the way.

The Edward Snowden case that happened last year, where millions of undisclosed files were leaked into the media and exposing illegal operations by the United States government, is one of the evidence that the U.S. government is continuing underground operations that have already done in the past. Documents with titles and subtitles, for example, the Disruption Operation Playbook, Swap the real for the false and vice versa and Building Cyber Magicians. If you examine these titles closely, you may find hints that the United States government already has measures in suppressing and hiding the entire truth from us.

They have fooled and lied to us and the government will continue to do so as long as they want and when somebody goes against their plans, they can just flip the cards and distort the truth or shuffle the cards or completely change the deck with another lie. This is the kind of craze that the Men in Black are capable, but the truth is we are always buying it.

There are people who believe and hold this kind of idea about the real-life Men in Black but because we have a government always prepared for deception but not the truth, anyone can say, they just had too many Hollywood sci-fi movies. Plain and simple.

Mirage Men – Trailer

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    • Fred, exactly where will you and the ma’am set up the Crop Circle Pizza Pleasure Dome so we can go and taste all your configurations on the menu sometime in the near future? It’s a brilliant concept. Coming up with an efficient way to place the strips of dough so that they make all kinds of figures, and then fill in the spaces with tidbits, won’t be easy. This is handicraft fare. It will require special training. Even so, one can already imagine a worldwide enterprise. Be quick to patent the notion before it’s too late.

      What I really had to tell relates to the “synthezoids” that Costa Rican contactee Enrique Castillo Rincón described in a TV documentary. They were almost identical laboratory humanoids that went around threatening him whenever he gave a lecture, both physically and on paper. These were the REAL MIBs, not the black or gray ops human outfit. It’s “were” because they’re no longer around. What they didn’t want him to talk about is now in the public domain, namely, the perfidious alliance between the evil ETs and those who own and control everything … yet for most people this is still too far out to be credible. I’ve already transcribed and partly translated the interviews thereof and will eventually type the transcription and place it on the Net. Other contactees are also interviewed, but Castillo was the better-known. He died last year.

  1. Let me be the devil’s advocate here… UFOs would not only be known to the US! Why would every countries in the world go along with a cover up if they cannot get along in anything else?

  2. Doty is affiliated with a fellow who makes a living out of Conspiracy theory related events, and profits from it. Doty’s stories are quite compelling, save for the fact he was a Military NCO, and not a Officer, and also his affiliation with some Sketchy people.

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