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Your UFO reports: 27th September – 4th October 2014
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Brazil – 4th October 2014
I have a video footage of an OVNI shining lights at southeastern brazilian shore last saturday october 4 2014. The objects were noticed as the sun went down and its lights became strong. It was completely unmoved since we found it flying in the sky. The distance were too long and the light were so sharp so it might does not refer to a ballon, helicopter or anything we already know.
Yotube video link:
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Bogotá, Colombia – october 4, 2014
Hello, im Alejandro, the webmaster of the site ” El rincon paranormal”. recently i filmed an UFO over Bogotá and i want to share it with you people.i was in my house around 2:00 am , when suddenly a strage luminiscent dots apears in the sky. i know a little about astronomy and physics, and the event seems curious to me. So i take my JVC video camera and record all. the phenomena was in the sky around 15 or 20 minutes, and then dissapear.i put the footage in youtube, stabilized it with Sony vegas pro 13 and later, use the autocorrection of color from youtube to see what was that really.the video is this:

Love your web, the best site to get UFO info. Keep doing the good job!

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Colorado Springs, CO – 2014-10-03
jet ufosRecorded what appears to be google loons however, the Air force was curious and sent some F16’s to investigate. Interesting for some harmless balloons.I’ll let you decide…
– Three Google Loons? Part 3 (Fighter Jets)
– Three Google Loons? Part 1
– Three Google Loons? Part 2
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Pembroke Rd. and Univeristy Dr. in pembroke pines FL – 09/30/14-10/03/14
every morning I wake up at 6:30 and walk out to smoke a cigarette. when I look up in the sky the same bright light is in the same spot. it flashes and does not move. this morning 10/03/14, it looked like a smaller light shot down from it. never seen something like that before.
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North battle mountain, Nevada – 10/2/14
It was daytime in I looked towards town an there was a bright  light that moved from right to left then disappear an then reappear closer to town
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western Siberia – September 30, 2014.
siberia ufoHello, I took video of an object in the sky over western Siberia September 30, 2014.
I went to the window to get some fresh air when I saw this place, next to the table was a video camera, I was able to record it on video.
The object moved silently silently from east to west.
I sent the photos to mail and gave a link to the video.
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Monrovia, CA, High in the sky NNE – 09/29/14
10:30pm and still visible!!  Stationary, unmoving, extremely bright objects in the night sky (I count 12 but I KNOW there’s more because of the variety of distances they are stationed), a few are quite visible to the naked eye while others can only be seen through high powered binoculars or a telescope. They are very high in the sky, NNW, viewing from South Monrovia, CA 91016, and fairly spread out, but I can only see them in that NNW direction. It is impossible to estimate their size, but they are each emitting multiple IMMENSELY BRIGHT lights in ALL primary colors (and then some) – these lights are so INTENSELY BRIGHT, they almost appear spark-like or flash-like! I’ve been observing them from high powered binoculars, but unable to intelligently judge if the objects are space crafts, high-tech satellites, or??  Unfortunately, I am not able to photograph them or video tape them, as I have no sophisticated camera equipment.  Please, this is an urgent request to anyone in the area, if
you have quality filming equipment, PLEASE DOCUMENT THIS ERRILY BEAUTIFUL PHENOMENOM!!
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Bristol, England – summer 2014
Bristol UFO2 pictures I took this summer with in 2 seconds of each other, didn’t look at them till last week when I was deleting some pictures on my phone, but there’s something behind the plain on 1 picture
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Liberty South Carolina – Mid 90’s
16 co-workers on break witnessed a large triangular object slowly moving over our building around midnight. It was larger than our building, very slow moving and completely silent. I immediately called our local airport that said nothing was on radar. I then called GSP airport tower who also said there was no aircraft anywhere close to us. We watched this object for a good ten minutes. We all seen it, and everyone to my.knowledge has remained quiet about it. A couple weeks later the same thing was seen in NC. There was a newspaper article on it in NC. It was real.
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