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Your UFO reports: 4th October – 11th October 2014
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East Los Angeles, California – 11th October 2014
Hello, I would like to share these cluster of Orbs which I summoned and captured in front of my house in East Los Angeles on October 11, 2014 at approximately 3:00pm. If this video you will see what looks to be like balloons but in fact are Orbs which I summoned as I have with all my other captures. Within the first few seconds of this capture, you will see an Orb shoot out at high speed away from the cluster of Orbs and then remain spinning next to the cluster. The original footage is 6 to 7 minutes in length but I decided to shorten it for a better viewing experience. The Orb originally shot out from the cluster of Orbs towards the end of the 7 minute video but I placed it in the beginning of the video for quicker viewing.
Youtube video link:
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Kamloops BC Canada – Oct/10 /2014 12:12 am
I seen a triangle something in the sky ..
at first it was seemed to be two lights ..comin fast then it slowed down and then just disappeared like magician disappearing vanished did not beam away to lights 7 blocks apart at least
I had to check Google Search to see if anything was reported..
and I seen the same lights in the video that is on your page about Texas ,,
is this a human aircraft ship or ??
I have no pictures
the object was above the hospital in Kamloops BC ..then was going towards sun Peaks Resort way
lasted 10 seconds stopped almost slowed to a stop
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Poconos, PA – oct 9 11pm – oct 10 215 am
Lookin at stars outside ..then one started moving.  Zig zags foward and back then circles then it would go straight really fast and stop on a dime.    Called my friend 8 miles away. He saw I t and freaked out… Wrote about it on Facebook and my friend went outside and saw it too.. Shes maybe 5 miles.  We both woke our family’s and watched it in awe…it looked like a really bright twinkling star.  but it moved. Maybe ten of us saw phone is poor quality and wasn’t able to record..I was stone cold sober… After watching for an hr.  Another bright light flew by in a straight line super fast right next to it.. But it was brighter.. Mayberry cause it was lower… This one followed a jetliner for Mayberry 10 sec.. Then flew over my house towards my my yard.  I hurry to the front and the fukers totally gone!!!.. Then I see something about an Ohio sighting.. Which is the next state over.. This shits crazy
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Wallsend, UK – 8/10/2014
wallsend ufoWhile watching the red moon i spotted a dull light moving from the south towards the west i followed it watching it then all of a sudden it disappeared there was no sound nor did it have any red or green lights like they have on wing tips so save to say it didn’t have wings.My daughter was with me she is 15yrs.
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Ireland – 7-8 October 2014
What’s the deal with the flashing lights in the South East of Ireland over the last two nights. Lighting up the whole sky. Very odd.
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Tarzana California – 10-5-2014
Driving west on Ventura Blvd. In Tarzana when a large boomerang space craft {very large UFO came flying east. It was very bright green in color with blue and yellowish lights.
The UFO was large and bright.
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Shropshire, England in the UK – 5 October 2014
Shropshire UFOWhilst photographing an Aeroplane yesterday, I noticed an anomaly in one of the frames when reviewing the pictures later on, on my PC.
Did not see this at the time of taking the pictures and it only appears on one shot.
I have included the original photo as taken and also a comparison showing the enlarged object overlaid on the original.
If you have any ideas about this, that would be great.
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Natimuk Victoria Australia 3409 – 23/8/14
Australia UFODriving from Horsham back out to Natimuk where I live with my 3 year old daughter, London. Its a straight road 100kph ZONE in the car. I was just looking in to the sky when to the right of me there was this bright coloures ORB in a cloud. It looked like it had a rainbow around it. It was enough for me to pull over and I got to take about 15 pics with my iphone 5. The 1st pic uploaded is an original.
THE OTHER 4 PICS WERE SENT TO DAMIEN JOHN NOTT a PROFESSIONAL UFO PHOTGRAHER that is now world renowed for the work he is doing and UFO’s He is recording. Damien used thermal filters on my pics and as u can see, there was definitely something there. The INFRARED filter (grey) you can see a perfect circle if u look carefully.
This was my 1st UFO I have ever been able to see & get pics of so was pretty happy once Damien said I definetly PHOTOGRAHED something special
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