Small UFO Visited Colorado Town

basketball ufo

A slow moving UFO was spotted at Frederick by a Colorado witness. According to the report by the witness in Case 60466 from database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the mysterious aerial object was about the size of a basketball.

The witness first noticed the object at around 8 p.m. on 1st of October 2014. He described the object as a dark mass with a shape of no sharp corners, but was not round. Also in the description is the color of the object which the witness described as unique and appeared to mimic camouflage.

The witness said that the each shade of brown, gray and black was unique to particular protrusions or forms this certain object possessed. The witness also noted that there were not lights on the UFO.

According to the report, the object moved around 50 feet over the neighborhood street, above the lines of homes, and went to the fields before it flew east of the homes where the witness lost sight of it. The witness described the movement as slow, steady, and smooth with sudden dipping down. The object reportedly not changing its orientation or facing direction.

The witness noticed one section that did protrude further than the rest, which was always facing the direction of travel.

The report noted that the object has made no sound even though the weather was calm and this UFO was close to the ground. The witness observed the object for not more than 15-20 seconds. An illustration of the object was included by the witness on his report to MUFON.

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  1. I have seen kites with a similar shape here in Queensland Australia don’t get me wrong mate I am a firm believer in ufos but I have seen kites like this. You are lucky mate I haven’t seen anything since 1976 at least you have seen something.

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