Returning UFOs and Aliens Are Suspects For Mysterious Fires In Sicily

Sicily Fire

Mysterious, spontaneous fires were experienced at a town in northern Sicily in 2004, prompting officials to speculate that those fires were the result of alien activity. Now, the same fires have occurred again.

The fires devastated the town of Canneto di Caronia, located on the northern coast of Sicily. In 2004, dozens of experts flown to the town to investigate the mysterious fires while the town had to be largely evacuated. No power was supplied to the affected area in order to stop the fires, but they kept on extending.

Experts, including electrical engineers, military and scientists, were all trying to know the origin of the fires, but not even one of them can explain why and how. The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, reported that one scientist was amazed to witness unplugged electrical cable went burst into flames.

Eventually, the fires stopped, but the government in Italy spent years investigating the origin of the fires. In a report by The Telegraph, the Italian government spent over a million dollars which featured dozens of experts, including a scientist of NASA. The same newspaper reported that officials came into a conclusion that the most likely origin of the fires was aliens.

Report from Italian TV show Studio Aperto:

Now, it seems that the same fires have made a comeback. According to Metro, a UK newspaper, the mayor thinks come backing fires are caused by unknown electromagnetic radiation. However, many locals believe that they might be caused by witches, ghosts, poltergeists, classified U.S. military tests or radiation weapons, rogue microwave transmitters, or even pyrokinetic powers of a young person, like in the blockbuster movie “Firestarter,” which is taken from the Stephen King book.

Vittorio Alfieri, a local council member who has been investigating the fires, said a television burst into flames 5 times, which he believes caused by an entity that has ability to move from one house to another.

In an interview, Alfieri said that a house on the ground floor was on fire then the objects on the first floor caught fire. He added that the fire moved to a house nearby. He described as if the fire was moving.

Canneto di Caronia
Canneto di Caronia

Another theory about the mysterious fires was given by Vatican’s chief exorcist Father Gabriele Armorth in 2004, saying that the Canneto di Caronia fires were caused by demons. He explained that demons occupied the house and used their immense powers in electrical goods.

In 2013, Discovery TV interviewed Antonio Spinnato, a local who believes that UFO sightings in the area are related to a mysterious event. Spinnato revealed that he recorded UFOs on film following military helicopters and went on to say that he, together with his friends, were attacked by the UFOs. He explained that they saw mysterious lights that went upwards in a really unusual way.

Spinnato claimed that he felt a burning sensation and he had burns on his forehead as well as arm on the next day, which he described looked like as if he had been zapped by a laser. He further revealed that his friend also had burn marks.

Italian UFO researcher Paola Harris said that the Italian Navy told her that spheres of light were coming out of the water when the events started. She added that the navy said it was terrifying, forcing him to choose not to involve himself.

According to Paola, cell phones would auto recharge, houses were self-combusting, and electrical appliances were not working. Speaking in lectures about the mysterious fires, Paola said that people were evacuated out of town and cameras were installed all over the place. She said that no one was reported hurt, but people reported seeing balls of light in broad daylight. Witnesses started to believe about the speculations of underwater UFO base off the coast.

Italian government reported that high power electromagnetic emissions caused the fires and what made it more interesting was that the Italian government reported that these emissions were not man-made, which reached a power between twelve and fifteen gigawatts.

A possible UFO landing was also cited with the discovery of mysteriously burnt imprints in a field. However, Civil Protection chief in Sicily, Francesco Mantegna Venerando, said that this leaked report is not yet final and they are still working on their conclusions.

We recently published The Unexplained Files documentary about these paranormal events. Here’s just a part of it:

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  1. truly bizarre! I followed the story in 2004 and am surprised the same sort of things are happening again 10 years later. Definitely electromagnetic surges coming from somewhere….almost like a pulse bomb. Having strange sightings on top of it makes it even more interesting. Could be some restless souls of the after world, very bizarre atmospheric conditions, paranormal phenomena, or some other Alien involvement. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

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