Unidentified flying object hovering above Ohio 7-Oct-2014

ohio ufo

Interesting video of a bright object hovering in the night sky above Lorain County in Ohio. This was taken on 7th October 2014.

Witness report: Cats woke up me and my girlfriend around 530am and when I went to go pee I looked out the window and saw this very bright round object just sitting up in the sky, So I went downstairs and got the ipad and recorded it for 10 minutes, which im including that footage, we both have been witness to 2 different ufo sightings before a few years back in this same area but we didn’t have the camera in the car those times, this time it hapenned at home and fortunately we have the camera and filmed this magnificent light show of a U.F.O.

Author (source: mufon)

Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. Looks like the real deal. But was there any reason for keeping this object at the very top of the frame so that it was almost out of view the whole time?

  2. too bad you didn’t have a real video camera on hand to zoom and change positions a bit. Good documentation though, and thanks for leaving it authentic and not adding overdubs or music

  3. Where was this at? I saw a similar object or objects i should say last night in Columbus. They where moving though but they looked like this and where moving around quickly.

  4. I just saw the same object 10/10/14 in Madison wi,I was walking my dog around 8:30 pm it was so clear out,I didn’t hear a thing and then I looked up and saw this brightly colored globe I watched it for about 10 min, ran in the house to get my phone I came out and it was gone..

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